JavaPop’s Organic Coffee On-The-Go

Who is able to start his working day without the oh-so-needed shot of caffeine? But at the other hand, who has time to brew a nice fresh cup of coffee? Don’t count the British, they, incredibly as it may sound, crave for their ‘nice’ cup of tea.
In recent years the US consumer market for on-the-go coffee exploded. Most beverage manufacturers hastily introduced, with or without the most fantastic packaging design, products, said to be based on coffee, to supply the busy consumer with some “fresh brewed” coffee in the morning. Other companies introduced iced-coffee in the market. Few rolled out a trial for “coffee-soda”, a carbonated coffee drink.

Coca-Cola was the first with its BlaK, a stimulant based on the original Coca-Cola recipe with (according to the manufacturer) natural flavourings and real coffee. The low carbonated drink with a minimum in calories was planned to attract the adult consumers. Albeit Coca-Cola denied that BlaK only was a taste adjustment and was made of real coffee-essence, it soon turned out that the soft drink was nothing more than cola with additional flavours and an extra dose of caffeine. A blooper.

Completely different is the story of JavaPop. With the growing influence of the movement for organic products, JavaPop Inc., wanted to introduce a healthy alternative for the ready-to-drink coffee market.
JavaPop came up with the first organic, certified Fair Trade coffee soft drink. A carbonated, dairy free, 100% natural coffee drink. JavaPop is sweetened by certified organic pure cane sugar, free of finely refined sugars, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring.

The product comes in five tastes: Espresso, Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut and Caramel and uses as basis the coffee beans from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and freshly squeezed pure cane sugar juice. The product is organic and the packaging is made from 100% recycled basis material.

For enlarged images go to: “The Best Innovations in Packaging – 2008”

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