“Have we met before?”

With the action: “Have we met before?” Pepsi tries to recuperate a large part of its 750 million aluminium cans (per month) after use by the consumer for recycling. The value of ad space, which Pepsi frees on its cans, is estimated at USD 40 million.

“Wonder why that can of Pepsi you’re holding feels so familiar? It could be because it’s been in your hand before.”
With at least 40% of the average aluminium can made from recycled material, Pepsi is trying to tell the story of how used aluminium cans gain a new life through recycling. The “Have we met before?” campaign aims to promote the benefits of aluminium can recycling and encourage Pepsi consumers to make recycling a natural part of their daily routine.

National Recycling Coalition, show a monthly consumption of some 500 million Pepsi cans and 250 million Diet Pepsi cans on the U.S. market. That is a total of seven billion cans by the end of the year. The ad value for the space reserved on the cans is estimated to USD 35 million to $ 40 million.
Research has shown that people are more inclined to recycle when they know more about the benefits of recycling, particularly the energy savings. Consumers indicate that the information will help them to see the importance of recycling, particularly when offering an additional reason for securing a green environment.

The “Have we met before?” recycling themes this listed year on Pepsi and Diet Pepsi cans are:
• Recycling could save 95% of the energy used to make this can.
• On average, aluminium cans produced in the United States contain 40-50% recycled content.
• The average person has the opportunity to recycle 25,000 cans in a lifetime.
• Recycling a single aluminium can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.
• Recycle this can and save enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for four hours.

© Weslley Murylo De Souza Steeman
e-mail: amsteeman@yahoo.com.br

2 responses to ““Have we met before?”

  1. This is a great effort. I onnly wish we could get this kind of understanding for packaging made of polystyrene foam (poultry & meat trays, fast food containers, etc) as well.



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