The paper water bottle

The paper/cardboard bottle, the so called, 360-Paper-Water-Bottle from Brand Image, has been developed in an attempt to reduce the waste of billions of plastic bottles.
Overall introduction of the 360 paper-water bottle to replace the mineral water bottles made from PET or other plastics, might reduce resolutely the plastic bottles which are discarded every day in the United States and end up at a landfill. The bottle is made from 100% renewable food safe resources, fully recyclable and can potentially be used for a number of liquid categories.
The extremely innovative new packaging of Brand Image, which was responsible for the whole project including the development of the concept, the branding, proto-typing, engineering and product design, is the first of its kind in the world and a real environmental friendly solution to the problem of plastic bottles.

Each day, Americans throw away 60 million plastic bottles. Only 14% is actually recycled – so that 86% end up at the landfill or as litter. Radical problems require radical solutions. Brand Image tried to answer the question: Can we design a container, which would emit durability, be easy to transport and give consumers an improved drinking experience?

The 360 Bottle Paper, versatile in its range of consumer applications and made from food safe and fully recyclable materials, reduces energy consumption during the entire life cycle of the product without violating the functionality.

The packaging uses sustainable sheet material made from bamboo and palm leaves, which are squeezed into 2 halves to encapsulate a micro-thin PLA film which guarantees the liquid/O2 barrier. The compressed material provides for the design, the graphic substrate and/or decorative surface and structural integrity. It is shipped in folded condition and “pops open” during filling through a conventional liquid opening in the bottom. The barrier material also functions as media for sealing the 2 halves together.
To pour the liquid the top is removed by snapping off. To re-close, the deleted section is opened to have a hygienic cap available, the remaining part can be hanged on the handle to prevent waste. It changes the whole experience of drinking water, from the way the bottle looks, feels and works until the end of its use.
The 360 bottle of paper is basically designed as a one-portion packaging, but the way it has been made a collection of several bottles can be arranged without having to use a separate 6-pack carrier. The use of pure natural cardboard with structural vertical breaks reduces the material consumption for palletising and transport.

© Weslley Murylo De Souza Steeman

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