Designing and developing packaging with i-Design

Consumer product companies requiring innovative and branded designs, which use less and/or alternative and/or recycled material so packages are more sustainable, with an eye on the bottom line, minimizing prototyping and concept testing and that all as quickly and accurately as possible so that they can be the first in the market with the best packaging, might find the answer now by automating the modelling and analysis process, which provides innovative, high-performing, value-added packages in a fraction of the time.

I-Design is a package development software-solution developed by Constar, which automates the time-consuming modelling and analyzing needed to design and develop new packages. With a few clicks of the mouse i-Design users are able to develop custom-designed packages, arrange complex modifications of existing packages and even configure three-dimensional optimized pallet patterns. Projects traditionally consuming some 40 hours of intensive design time of an experienced engineer, can now be done within minutes.

The software system debuted at the Packaging Conference in Las Vegas, where Constar demonstrated a packaging project with i-Design. In less then 10 minutes, a 20-ounce (592 ml) six-panel hot-fill bottle was created, the height of the panel for the label altered, and the waist of the bottle improved resulting in a lighter bottle weight, to finish with converting the entire structure into Constar’s horizontally banded Vertical Compensation Technology. Furthermore the packaging design was optimized for the pallet pattern, pre-forms were created based upon the specifications of the new bottle and ready-to-go CAD-drawings of the new improved bottle were printed. And that all within 10 minutes.

In stead of limiting the use for in-house projects only, i-Design is developed as a user-friendly device to operate inter-actively with all CAD and analyzing systems, using other servers. It can be approached via the World Wide Web, with Internet Explorer as interface, so that packaging designers, engineers and even technical sales men are able to design and develop a packaging in-the-field, right at the conference table with the customer.

Constar is a global producer and supplier of PET (polyethyleentereftalaat) plastic containers for the food and beverage industry.


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