A Creative Moderation of the Industrial Standard

Packaging can’t make coffee in it self taste better, but the right packaging is critical to the success of any coffee product, not only in terms of fresh, convenient and attractive, but also in terms of communication, as the variety and number of coffee products on the shelves increase and the decision process of the consumer is restricted to a few seconds. The package may be the only form of communication for that coffee brand the consumer may ever see. The role of that package is, therefore, as critical as the product inside.

In the highly competitive ‘coffee’ world, the quality of the product is critical, but no one will purchase the product if the packaging is unappealing. Consumers respond best to attractive packaging which highlights the brand’s image as well as establishes its quality.

Rigid ‘bricks’ for vacuum packed ground coffee and soft bags for the roasted beans are the standard for coffee packaging and provide the necessary physical protection, oxygen and moisture barrier, and a reasonable level of packaging convenience.

Recent changes in packaging have evolved beyond typical designs such as valve packs, pillow packs, cans, freeze-dried or bulk bins. There is now a tendency to establish a brand image while competing on non-price factors, such as quality. Though quality is a huge aspect to attract consumers, the initial sensing of the product is through the packaging.

For Del Brujo coffee, Ovum Packaging Solutions, a design agency located in Medellin/Colombia specialized in packaging design, developed a creative moderation to the industrial standard.
Del Brujo coffee, a brand of Inversiones Velez Uribe Ltda, is a 100% organic Colombian coffee estate, selling exclusive roasted organic coffee directly from its plantations.
The series of new packages, Ovum designed, are for Del Brujo’s 250 gr (½ pound) Plantacion Ricaurte, Candela’s Maragogype and Peaberry packs.

The new packaging design uses the industrial standard as point of departure, but breaks the paradigm of the brick form thanks to the application of curves and a tilt at the front. It features prominently printed graphics, a high printing quality, a die-cut shape and the use of pertinent materials. Creating mark differentiation in coffee products through typography, background colour and banner nuances, it’s in harmony with the “gourmet” market segment it’s targeting.

The, 9.0 x 7.0 x 16.0 cm, 250 gr packs are made from 360 g/m² C1S (0.48 mm) cardboard – C/1S indicates “coated on one side” – and printed in 4 x 0 offset with a matte finish.


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