More Bottle Caps for Sensitive Vitamins

Baby Boomers, their Gen Y kids and all following generations are convinced that a daily dose of a functional beverage, energy or vitamin drink can keep them youthful. However the potency and effectiveness of functional beverages rely on the way in which ingredients are delivered. Deterioration of vitamins, herbs and other healthful ingredients starts from the moment they hit water, in other words from the moment a packaging for a ready-to-drink energy drink is filled in the factory. Vitamin C, for example, loses 80% of its potency after only 30 days.

Various companies have development solutions for this problem. In my recent post “Innovative dispensing bottle caps for sensitive vitamins“, I wrote about two ingenious solutions, the VIZcap and the Cedevita cap, that keep the vitamins dry and fresh until consumption of the drink.
I discovered two more bottle caps that serve this purpose.

Activate Drinks
Los Angeles-based Activate launched a line of functional beverages that features a custom-designed cap to keep vitamins and other healthful ingredients fresh until consumption.
The vitamin drink consists of a 16 oz PET bottle filled with water and capped by a custom-made dispensing closure that stores 3 gr of dry ingredient. The bottle, from MPI Packaging, is distributed by Zuckerman Honickman, while the name of the supplier of the dispensing cap is not unveiled.

When the consumer twists the upper cavity of the cap clockwise, an internal blade within the closure turns and pierces a plastic membrane separating the powdered formula from the water. By cutting the sealed membrane, the ingredients are released into the beverage, which is then ready for consumption.

The dispensing closure used by Activate looks very similar to the one used by Cedevita in Croatia and developed in cooperation with TeamPlast in Holland.

The Delo Vitamin Cap
This is a development from France. As a matter of fact it is not a vitamin drink, as the French company Delo is a bit smarter and only sells the dispensing cap with the vitamins, leaving it to the consumer to buy any kind of bottle of mineral water additionally, covering with this idea a much larger market. The vitamin dispensing cap is a screw cap that fits almost any water bottle, such as Evian, Volvic, Vittel, Contrex, Plancoet, Carola, Saint-Amand, Valvert, Saint-Georges, Mont Roucous, Rose de la Reine Montcalm … Most of the bottles with spring water are compatible. However, Cristaline shortened the neck of its water bottle, which no longer allows the opening of the Delo cap-capsule.

With so many mineral and tap water bottlers in the market, Delo offers a perfect vitamin shot to enrich the water you just bought. Quasi-universal, the Delo cap-capsule screws on all bottles of plain water. You buy a vitamin, get any or your preferred brand of (mineral) water and make the mixture yourself.


12 responses to “More Bottle Caps for Sensitive Vitamins

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  2. Anton,

    We have reviewed both of these closures and they do not keep vitamins stable, and are only suitable for flavoring drinks and certainly not recommended where you need to protect the substance for a long shelf life when required, they are certainly no good for any nutritional ingredients which has any benefit for the consumer,

    • James, thanks for your comment, but ……. before somebody can give your comment any credibility you should reveal who are: ‘we’.
      Furthermore I think it is reasonable to ask to explain how you did the reviewing of the caps. In the 3 articles I wrote about this item, I described 5 types of vitamin caps. Which ones are you talking about? And what, precisely, are your complaints. Just stating “they are not working” isn’t enough and such a statement ‘smells’.
      Be more specific please.

    • James
      I am very interested in your comments regarding the ineffectiveness of currently available dispensing bottle caps. I am the inventor of the ASPINcap and would appreciate any feedback that you could give me. Thank you.

      • Hello Steven, we are interesting to use stable dispensing cap for our mineral water. I have found your patent. Its possible to contact you and talk about it? Can you give me your email adress? Thanks

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  5. Dear anteen steemen sir how can we get sample of dosage caps right now am working with cavinkare we want to interduse such kind of techinc in my falver driks please guide to get the sample caps txs Sai shireesh G my id is

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  8. Can you give names of companies that fill these caps with the product to be dispensed into the liquid?

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