These Poor Old Rheumatic Consumers

According to a report by The Center for Culinary Development (CCD), Baby Boomers, who account for a third of the US population and spend about USD 2 trillion each year, place a significantly higher monetary value on convenient packaging compared to other generations. A large part of the Baby Boomers is confronted with arthritis or hand injuries, which make it impossible for them to easily open screw caps, or for that matter packages in general.

90639-EcomilkResponding to this increasing international demand for convenient screw caps, Tetra Pak launched the Tetra Brik Edge, the packaging solution for chilled liquid dairy products, while its most important competitor SIG Combibloc introduced the new generation of the combiSmart screw cap to the Americas, during the recent 2009 Fispal Technology Exhibition in São Paulo/Brazil.

Tetra Brik Edge
The Tetra Brik Edge, a new carton with an angled top holding a 34 mm diameter Simply Twist screw cap, requires a low opening force, designed to be easy to open, pour and reseal for everyone. The large diameter of the closure is also ideal for smooth pouring of thicker dairy products such as cultured milks and drinking yoghurts as well as milks and flavoured milks. The angled top makes it easier to grip the cap, as there is more space for the hand and fingers.

In recognition of the excellent performance of the new package to those with limited hand function, Tetra Brik Edge has been designated “Package of the Year” by the Swedish Rheumatic Association (SRA).

90639-TBEdge_stacking02So far, the pack has been used for selected products in Norway, Sweden and by UHT-milk market leader Milch-Union Hocheifel in Germany.

SIG Combibloc
SIG Combibloc is a Swiss supplier of aseptic carton packaging and filling machines for beverages. During the 2009 Fispal Technology Exhibition they launched for marketing in the Americas, the new generation of the combiSmart screw cap, especially designed to meet the concerns of “on the go” consumption and the convenience requirements for ‘easy opening” by children and elderly.

90624-combiSmart_oben_geschlossenThe new generation of combiSmart has two “wings” that improve the rounded handle and facilitate the opening of the cap in the first attempt, as tests in Germany showed.
With a single twist of the cap, a ring integrated into a flange cuts through the extremely thin aluminium and polyethylene layer. Comprehensive handling tests and consumer surveys confirm the ease and convenience of the opening process, as the cardboard layer has already been removed and only the thin aluminium and polyethylene layers need to be pierced.

The combiSmart is composed of three parts: lid itself, made in HDPE (high density polyethylene), flange, made in PP (polypropylene) and the cutting ring, made in ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Even with the “wings”, the new version weighs only 2.22 grams, its internal diameter is 13.5 mm and height is 14.3 mm. The screw cap is offered in four colours – red, blue, light blue and cream.

90624 – 90639

2 responses to “These Poor Old Rheumatic Consumers

  1. In household products the opening feature must be be balanced for easy of opening, tamper evidence and child resistance. With this particular product child resistance may not be an issue. I assume that the Tetra package also has a membrane that must be punctured to allow for tamper evidence. I especially like the angle of the top which creates a load bearing wall on the left side.

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