Scented Clear Plastic Packaging

Talking about scented packaging (see my previous post), up till now, it’s mainly the cosmetic industry, using scented packages to seduce the consumer to buy its products. Canadian company Transparent Packaging Inc., a pioneer in clear folding carton converting technologies, recently introduced the Clear Scented Box, adding fragrances to packaging graphics, that not only allows consumers to see the product, but also entices the consumer to pick the product up off the shelf to smell it.

90533-Clear Scented Box Series - Transparent Packaging IncUsing the Transparent Packaging in combination with Scent Diffusing Technology stimulates the senses, as it is well-known that if consumers are let the choice, 80% will choose the product he can see as well as smell. With 70% of the purchase decisions made in the supermarket aisles with the overcrowded shelves, it might be time for the consumer product manufacturers to incorporate the olfactory sense with the visual and tactile ones.

The use of transparent plastic folding cartons for product visibility with optional opaque, translucent or holographic print, coupled with the ability to encapsulate any fragrance onto the packaging graphics, does indeed invigorate the idea of a “Multi Sensory Packaging”, as smells of the desired strength can be added to the outside of packages and these are then released when the surface is rubbed.

The company gives an example for a hair care product with a picture of a girl on the packaging, whose hair could be rubbed to reveal the smell of the product. In other words the packaging can be made to smell like the product inside. The aroma or fragrance experienced by the consumer is just an imitation of what is really in the package. Never is the aroma of the product itself sniffed.

90649-ipsos1With or without some inter-action of the consumer to release the aroma or fragrance some modesty is required. Imagining thousands of consumers rubbing packages in the aisles, releasing fragrances, never ever will there be a supermarket owner allowing his shop to be stacked with “smelling” packages for his customers to meet a wave of cosmetic odours, overwhelming the delicious aromas of freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee or his fresh-produce covered by a mist of extraneous fragrances.

This development in packaging technology claims to bring the consumer closer to the product, and that is true, but mass production requires some extra thinking, in regard to the other products on the shelves.

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