Safely Dispensing Chemicals and Pesticides with the ShakerPak

90543-Patch Perfect ShakerPAK 009Ampac Flexibles’ patented, recloseable, ShakerPak dispensing stand-up pouch to handle dry chemical or granular products, is unique in that the bottom of the bag has been replaced with an inside perforated layer allowing dispensing without scooping or direct physical contact with the product. There are different configurations and sizes of perforations depending on the size and consistency of the products. Below the perforation is a press-to-close zipper for recloseability. The package includes a laser score tear strip for tamper evidence and product protection.

The consumer needs only to hold the package upside-down to open the package via the easy tear strip on the bottom of the package, pull open the zipper, turn it back and position the package over the desired area with the easy-carry handle, and then shake that package to dispense the product.

90543-ShakerPAKThe product is dispensed with a shake of the hand through accurately designed perforations in the bottom of the pouch.
The perforated expandable gusset is custom designed to dispense products with an up and down, or side to side, motion. When the motion stops, so does the product. This allows the consumer to control where and how much product is dispensed without actually coming into contact with the product. The reclose zipper protects the product from moisture for future uses.

90543-Patch Perfect ShakerPAK 007

ShakerPak incorporates an easy carry handle, a resealable zipper for multiple use, a patented dispensing system and excellent printing possibilities to create a unique and attention grabbing pouch.
The flexible ShakerPak pouch replaces a bulky and difficult to handle rigid HDPE canister for seeds and chemicals that is only 2% by weight of the original packaging providing a tremendous “sustainable” improvement through light-weighting.


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