Creativity with Cardboard

90733-PIDA 2009 3431_300ver1Some 60 design students at the Université de Reims (IUT) took part in Korsnäs’ Packaging Impact Design Award 2009 competition in mid-May, resulting in an impressive exhibition of packaging and displays.

Since 1994, Korsnäs (formerly Frövi) has been arranging design competitions for students with a focus on packaging design. In conjunction with the Swedish Year of Design 2005, when the Swedish government was actively promoting design projects, PIDA (Packaging Impact Design Award) was born and several universities became involved. Spurred on by popularity, the competition has grown and is held in Sweden, Germany and France. In the UK, Korsnäs collaborates with Marks & Spencer in sponsoring a category of the Student Starpack Award.

The 2009 competition in France was closely fought, with many very high quality entries. The first prize, designed by …… continue reading

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