“Taste of Echt” in a Corrugated Cardboard Beer Crate

Four characteristic small old family-owned Dutch beer brewers decided to enter into an alliance to market their speciality beers together. To commemorate this alliance they commissioned BooM Packaging, an agency specialized in brand and packaging design, to develop a unique brand and structural packaging design for 12 bottles of beer. The design needed to meet the marketing communication values: heritage, authenticity, small business, inspiration and experience.


BooM Packaging developed a shared identity and gift packaging for the four independent Dutch family breweries, underlining the character of the brewers and their unique beers.
The gift case, a beer crate made from corrugated cardboard, holds 4 x 3 bottles of “Smaak van Echt” (Taste of Echt) beer, provides a beer glass, four “Taste of Echt” coasters, a booklet with background information and stories of the brewers. The crate also holds … read the full article

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