From Doy-Pack to S-Pouttle

¦C¦LLooking at the many introductions of ‘new’ products in stand-up pouches this packaging format has gained a lot of popularity in the USA, in part because of the requirement to minimize solid waste, in part because of cost, and in part for the possibilities to increase shelf appeal as they allow for excellent billboarding within the retail aisle.
An early stand-up pouch design (US Patent 3,380,646) was devised by the Doyen Brothers in France. That pouch design, including many variants, is still in use today. It is, in fact, the dominant style. The basic Doyen design consists of two flat sheets sealed together along their sides, with a “W” fold running along the bottom. When the pouch is filled, the “W” opens and ……. read the full article

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