Pick and Place Technology for Fragile Fresh Fruit

90922-Autopacker 015This blog only has seen posts about new packaging innovations in regard to packaging design, packaging construction, material use and packaging and printing technologies. However I don’t see a reason why I should restrict myself to those topics and not write about new packaging machinery innovations, particularly when one meets an interesting design for automatic handling of fragile fresh fruits.

90922-Persion lime - photo Veca Produce Mexico resizeIn addition to that, the fresh fruit packaging in itself is not subject to spectacular innovations as it hasn’t seen any in years, still being the (corrugated) cardboard box tray as it was decades ago. Packaging companies might have modified the way the box tray is set up, but you can’t report of any significant innovation. That said, it does mean that any innovation in efficiently packing of fresh and fragile fruit has to come from the machinery companies. Well, here is one of them.

In the country of the kiwi’s, Stroba Ltd, developed a Pick and Place Autopacker to pack Kiwi fruit, and ….. continue reading

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