2010: Trends in Packaging

Some readers have asked me to write, as a follow-up to my post: “The 12 Most Impressive Packaging Innovations in 2009”, an article about the trends in packaging innovation to be expected in 2010.

I am not a crystal-glazer and who am I to pretend to be able to envision the future trends in packaging. In general I find articles about trends often only mirroring the wishful-thinking of the author or  at best an enumeration of generalities.

Nevertheless it is a very interesting challenge, which I have been given some thought. As a result I decided to give it a chance. But before I write it, I should like to ask my readers to send me their input. What are my readers expecting to see in terms of (technological) packaging innovations in 2010. This includes all aspects of packaging (material composition, manufacturing, technical design and construction, printing techniques, sustainability and greenness, etc., etc.)

You can send your insight or expectations to:
amsteeman(at)xs4all(dot)nl or amsteeman(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br.

Whatever you send me, be specific (please no generalities in terms of: “packaging will go green”) and argue why you think it will be a trend in 2010. No problem if you take on a whole sector, like “Stand-up pouches will be replaced by …. blah, blah”). Include pictures, if available.

I have scheduled to write the article somewhere in the last week of this month. So, let’s set the final day for inputs at 22 Jan. 2010. Problems to write in English? Don’t have it. You can send your information in English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Setting this date, will not imply that I’m not interested in new packaging innovations thereafter. I’m always open and welcome any information regarding packaging innovations. However I never can guarantee that I shall or can use it.

Very anxious to see your input. Thanks in advance.

Anton Steeman

One response to “2010: Trends in Packaging

  1. There certainly do seem to be trends in packaging as the taste for special gift boxes and bags evidences

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