Foldable dvd-case with Electroluminescent Animation

The nano-electronics research centre IMEC, the Hasselt University in Belgium and the Belgian screen printing company Artist Screen created a spin-off, called Lumoza NV. The new company develops and commercializes large area screen printed electronics for the advertising and packaging industry.

Lumoza’s technology for screen printed electronics combines electroluminescent ink with a driver that controls the sequence and timing of the animation. The result is an electroluminescent computer animation that can be printed, just like ink, on all kind of surfaces, for example on a thin plastic foil. And afterwards, folded, rolled up, bended or wrapped.

The material used is a combination of a phosphor-based inorganic material and an organic material. The exact composition is confidential, “but it is not OLED”, the company states.

With its light-emitting screen, Lumoza aims at applications in the advertising and packaging market. The screen comes with a driver chip that also stores the animation data and is typically powered by a micro-battery, depending on the size of the installation. In order to save valuable battery energy, the chip contains a capacitive switch that activates the display when a prospective customer is approaching and deactivates it when he is moving on.

The process currently achieves pixels at a size of 200 micron, which yields a resolution of 127 pixels per inch. The animation content needs to be stored on the attached chip for the applications.

Not surprisingly the dvd-packaging industry has already shown interest, as they are always looking for new appealing packaging alternatives. The result is that the first foldable dvd-packaging with an electroluminescent animation is on show.


2 responses to “Foldable dvd-case with Electroluminescent Animation

  1. We are very interesting with your new technology for paper lighting.
    Can you give more information and specification about it.
    We are big printing company in HK.

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