A Stand-Up Pouch in Paper

In 2009, worldwide 274,273 new products were introduced, this is 22,856 packages per month, 761 per day or 32 per hour. In this wave of new products and consequently new packages three countries, U.S., Japan and the United Kingdom remained their original leading position. Amazingly Brazil ranked 4th place in this year, with companies like Unilever, Carrefour, Nestlé, Avon, Wal-Mart and Kraft Foods launching the bulk of the Brazilian novelties.
The packaging formats most used in Brazil follow the world standard with the difference that in Brazil, the flexible packaging (pouch and bag) holds the third position among the most launched formats, while in the world the flexible packaging sits in 6th position. In general Brazil follows the international standard on major issues, although its novelties represent the typical characteristics of its lifestyle and consumption.

In this whirl of packaging innovations a partnership between Ibema, Tradbor, Dow Brasil and the Packaging Laboratory of ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) developed the, what they call, PaperPouch, which in reality is a stand-up pouch made from paper. Although paper isn’t a revolutionary material for pouches and bags, it is in terms of a stand-up pouch as no paper has been stiff enough to let a pouch stand upright independent of the filling.

According to the developers the innovation is the result of a careful combination of materials. The rigidity of the (newly developed) paper maintains the PaperPouch in an upright position, and gives a unique look and feel to the world of pouches in the Brazilian market, while a polyethylene inner-liner is responsible for the physical integrity and protection of the content.

Ibema, a Brazilian manufacturer of conventional paper, developed a new paper with sufficient rigidity to let the PaperPouch stand upright, balancing texture, colour and physical properties necessary for the application.
Regarding the plastic inner-liner, the goal to provide the best possible protection to the product, resulted in polyethylene due to its sealing performance, its mechanical integrity. The versatility of polyethylene combined with other materials embeddable by co-extrusion or lamination enables the PaperPouch to be used for dry grains, cereals, coffee beans, pet feed, cleaning powder and many others. The possibilities of incorporating other materials are virtually endless, further opening a market for the most diverse applications.

Among its options, the PaperPouch can be fitted with a device, similar to a “zipper”, which allows tight sealing of the packaging after opening, preserving the product of contact with the outside. It also can be fitted with a dispensing spout.

The new packaging offers advantages as production costs can be some 13% lower than the cost of conventional stand-up pouches. And compared to the conventional block-bottom paper bags, the PaperPouch also provides greater exposure in the aisle, being a stand-up billboard, and made of paper, offering an attractive alternative in the marketing mix.

There Is More To Come
In the meantime we see other fascinating developments in paper. Chesapeake announced today a unique paperboard concept that can provide a truly 3D quality to any pack. This development, called “Impressions” can help to promote and complement a brand – from tactile bubbles on a tube to replicating the distinctive shape of a bottle or jar.
I will write about this development in more detail in a following article.

100278© Weslley Murylo De Souza Steeman

3 responses to “A Stand-Up Pouch in Paper

  1. Taeq is a brand here that mainly has alternative-healthy products but aimed to masses.

    If they start eco-packing their products it will be really cool, and it’s better if the packaging costs less at the end, because their products are already more expensive than the normal ones.

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