The Revolutionary S-Pouch at the Global Pouch Forum

Between my last chapter about Natural Cork as a wine stopper and the next one about the synthetic (plastic) wine stopper, a short story about the S-Pouch, as tomorrow opens the Global Pouch Forum at Clearwater Beach/Florida. At this forum, which runs from 11-13 May, S-Pouch Pak Co. Ltd presents its revolutionary range of ‘flexible bottles’ in the booth of PPi Technologies of Sarasota/FL. The S-Pouch is characterized as the perfect stand-up pouch to replace the PET-bottle and other packaging formats in the race to meet the environmental requests of consumers.

The green credentials flexible packaging has in general, are underscored by the “product-to-packaging ratio”, along with full life cycle analyses, published by the FPE (Flexible Packaging Europe). For example, in contrast with a metal can, plastic jar and flexible “brick-pack” (each holding 11.5 oz/325 gr of coffee), the flexible packaging wins hands-down. Its 29:1 ratio versus the can’s 5:1 and the jar’s 3:1 clearly shows “flexible packaging as the most resource-efficient.”

But innovations continue. In contrast to the traditional stand-up pouch, S-Pouch Pak Co. Ltd made a tube as body and sealing not one but two gussets (one at the bottom and one at the top with the spout) into the tube. The pouch not only looks like a bottle but stands more perfect and stabile and doesn’t tip over when half emptied as most of the triangular tapered traditional stand-up pouches do. This revolutionary S-Pouch design has more advantages as it can be filled up to 90-97% of the pack height or in other words the same content offers a reduction in pouch size of up to 20%, resulting in 15-20% material reduction in comparison to the already eco-friendly standard stand-up pouch.

The S-Pouch can be made from any film material while the spout, positioned outside the printed area (as it is sealed in the top gusset), is made from a food grade material. S-Pouches are available in sizes from 250ml up to 5,000ml.

Started in 2003 as a converting machinery manufacturer, S-Pouch offered many a converter solutions for regular converting equipment, especially in the bag making manufacturing process. At that time they also started to develop the design for the s-pouch.
It took more than 7 years of development and testing to find the correct way to manufacture this bag, resulting in a revolutionary improvement of the stand-up pouch with spout.

The H-, J- and Z-Pouch
And there is more. The S-Pouch, as an alternative to the PET-bottle and an improvement of the stand-up pouch, is followed by the h-pouch, the j-pouch and the z-pouch.

With a one-hand carrier-handle at the top, the s-pouch, now baptized h-pouch, is easy to carry with one hand, while the pouch is suitable for packing 2000ml to 5000ml, with a relevant large sized spout.

The j-pouch, the jar shaped s-pouch, represents a really jar shaped flexible packaging. The j-pouch has, like the s-pouch, a nearly 100% filling capacity, a spout in the upper left side, and a carrier-handle on the other side. The j-pouch pours liquid as easy as a glass jar, up to the last drop.

To meet the requirement for convenience in snack-packs, the company added a zipper to the s-pouch design, resulting in a unique zipper pouch. The, so called, z-pouch not only has the full filling capacity of the s-pouch and its flat base, but also a reclosable zipper on the upper side, which opens as wide as the size of the bag.

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