10 Fresh Packaging Ideas

This blog, as my readers know, writes about innovations in packaging technology, with the accent on technology. In other words it’s not a design website, as so many others on the web. However one of the most important and influential stimulators of development in packaging technology are the renewing, innovative and creative design ideas. Whether the designs are coming from design students or renowned designers is of no interest. And whether they will hit the supermarket shelves or not, is of no importance either. Important is that creative design might show a trend, a development, which helps the packaging engineer to have a closer look at existing packaging and following new design innovate the technology.

Let’s have a look at 10 recently designed packages, which might set off new technology in packaging.

Stand-up Pouch with Screw-on Spoon
To facilitate convenient feeding of babies when on-the-go, Plum Organics Inc., introduced a plastic spoon that screws onto the fitment of a Plum Baby Food pouch, allowing to feed babies from a pouch using only one hand. The, so called “Spoon by Boon”, named after the company that designed it, dispenses the organic baby food into the spoon’s bowl when the pouch is squeezed, creating a one-handed feeding experience.
Boon Inc., a designer and manufacturer of infant and baby products, designed the dispensing spoon in addition to Plum Organics’ recently debuted organic baby food line packaged in lightweight, spouted pouches. Free of BPA and phthalates, the spoon has a customized fit to Plum Organics pouches.

Melons in a Handbag
As society is more and more individualising (one-person households) Solfruit, a Dutch importer of fruit and citrus, wanted to participate in this generally well-to-do segment of the market, where small households only need small quantities, preferably in a trendy packaging.
To stand out in the crowd, Solfruit packed one of its specialities, melons from Middle America, in a two-melon-packaging. The folded paperboard handbag with two holes, each securing a melon, is marketed under its own brand name Royal Fresh. This out-of-the-ordinary two-melon-packaging, developed in cooperation with Europe Retail Packing, is available in the top-end segment of the supermarkets.

Camouflage the Sweat, without being a Wimp
Perhaps sensational is exaggerated, but the packaging for Levelus Eau-de-Toilette for sure is extra ordinary. Created by Art Lebedev Studio, a Moscow design agency, this perfume packaging is designed as a spirit level. While the container holding the liquid, is a small bottle of perfume housed in a rigid body, the body itself imitates the design of any professional spirit level. On the workbench, it can serve as a level while after work it can go back to its refreshing function.
According to the design agency the level/perfume bottle targets the sensitive, although self-confident man who is not wasting his time.
Levelus comes in 20, 40 and 60 ml bottles, while refills are available.

Folding Box for Noodles On-the-Go
Noodles as a quick lunch, are usually supplied in a plastic tray. CookSoo, a collapsible, recyclable redesign of the traditional cup noodles is a more practical and easier to carry cardboard folding box, in the style of a milk gable-top packaging.
The CookSoo (In Korean instant noodles are called: Gooksoo) is a compact container holding the dry noodles, which without problem can be carried in a handbag, purse or back-pack taking up little space. For a quick lunch, the cardboard box should be folded open, creating room to add hot water. The lid works not only as a cover, but also as a dish.

Cooksoo is created by packaging designers Junggeun Ahn, Jeongmi Lee (Hanyang Univeristy), Hyunseok Moon (Kyonggi University) and Donghee Suh (Emily Carr University) in Seoul, South Korea.

2-in-1 Flexible Packaging
Alexandre Michaud, graphic design student under professor Sylvain Allard at UQAM – University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, developed Wer (the old English word for “man”). For some unknown reason, men seldom moisturize their body after showering, although using gel or liquid soap in the shower. To solve this lack of body care, Alexandre got the idea to create a double pack.
The result is a 2-in-1 package. A flexible packaging with two compartments, one for liquid soap and one for a moisturizer. For the liquid soap the pouch is fitted with a trigger sprayer, strikingly positioned inside the pouch. The compartment for the moisturizer has a standard dispensing spout.
The concept is a material-saving solution (the most easily measurable element of eco-design), takes up little space and can conveniently hang in the bathroom.

Five more to go. To be continued

4 responses to “10 Fresh Packaging Ideas

  1. 1. Absolutely LOVE the built-in spoon on the baby food. Brilliant!

    2. I really like this design, as far as aesthetics and functionality go (more more dropping melons that roll down the grocery aisle!) However, it seems very wasteful to package produce in this way. Or to package it at all. I would rather see these melons cleverly labeled in a unique display with biodegradable, edible, non-toxic stickers.

    3. This is SWEET! It might even compel my macho uncle to wear cologne 🙂

    4. While I would miss the nostalgic value of traditional Chinese takeout cartons, this design is far more practical so I give it two thumbs up.

    5. I really like the idea of incorporating two products into the same container – that is just brilliant! That said, I am not a big fan of flexible packaging for liquid products. I have a hard time holding onto the flexible water container I just bought for hiking … I cannot imagine how much more difficult it would be to handle such a container in a slippery, wet shower!

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  3. Hi Anton,

    really great examples on innovative packaging design. All very well thought off and very good executions.

    The majority is addressing consumer issues like the pouch with integrated spoon and the on the go noodles.

    I’m very curious to the next 5 !

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