Online Packaging Dictionary Invites Companies to Add their Name and Products

As many of the visitors of ‘Best In Packaging’ know, the website features a Packaging Dictionary. Best In Packaging invites packaging and related companies to add their company and product information to its on-line Packaging Dictionary, the only one on the net. For professionals interested in the technology of innovations and developments in packaging, the Packaging Dictionary is an essential tool. Its unique position and community of readers provide the perfect platform to present your company.

To date the Packaging Dictionary contains thousands of definitions in packaging material, packaging machinery, printing, paper and paperboard manufacturing, plastics, metal packaging, recycling, sustainability, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, food, beverages and non-food packaging.

To complete the dictionary, it should also contain the relevant companies and their products (trade names with short definitions). That’s why ‘Best In Packaging’ opens the opportunity for manufacturers within the packaging industry to add their company and products (with photo and technical description) to the ‘Packaging Dictionary’.
Only company and product information from original equipment and material manufacturers (OEM and OMM) and service suppliers (OSS) related to the packaging industry will be accepted.

I realize that a dictionary never is complete, and therefore welcomes any addition and suggestion from companies and professionals.

It is well known that blogs are search traffic magnets. Seeing from the technical perspective, Best In Packaging with its on-line and frequently updated Packaging Dictionary is actually a content management system. The blog with its in-depth articles attracts some 40,000 (professional) visitors a month of whom many consult the Packaging Dictionary.

To get your company’s name and products and/or services in front of (packaging) professionals of the global consumer products industry contact amsteeman(at)

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