Two-Chambered Bottle for Controlled Dispensing

It is always difficult to apply the right dosage of liquid. We have seen a solution for laundry detergent from Method (see my article: “New Technology and Design in Laundry Detergent”). Dispensing the right quantity is more crucial in the field of veterinary products, pharmaceuticals and medicines. Furthermore any form of contamination of the liquid left in the bottle must be avoided, to assure the purity of the next dose.

Vetnil Ind. e Com. Produtos Veterinários Ltda, a well-known Brazilian manufacturer of veterinary products, faced this problem for its supplements for the market of horse racing, horse jumping and other equitation, using standardized 1 litre bottles. These standard bottles were generally difficult to handle and quite logically as such not beloved by the local farmers, stables and horse trainers. In standard bottles for general application, the liquid product is subject to contamination after opening and due to misuse in the application process.

To circumvent the problem, Vetnil in cooperation with Projeto Integrado developed a unique packaging format, but in such a way that the filling process did not require changes in machinery.
From the viewpoint of those who apply the product, the bottle, manufactured by Emplas has two ergonomic benefits, its structure is firm, but squeezable and it assures a safe handling, while the symmetry of the bottle reconcile the use by both right-handed as well as left-handed people.

Dispensing the liquid is a two steps procedure (see illustrations). By putting pressure on the body of the squeezable container, the product is forced to climb through the cannula to reach the dispensing chamber. A transparent measuring ruler located in the side of the bottle allows the control of dosage, while showing the volume of product remaining in the bottle. After filling the dispensing chamber the liquid can be dispensed, while the system prevents the liquid to return to the body of the bottle, eliminating any possibility of contamination.

In addition to providing security and ease of use of the product, the design of the bottle, alluding the foot of a horse, is decorated with self-adhesive labels, supplied by Rowprint with information in hot stamping, emphasises the product on the shelves.

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