An Ecological Corporate Gift

During the Christmas and End-of-the-Year period companies are often giving gifts to their employees as a symbol of thanks for their hard work throughout the year and to strengthen the relationship with customers and suppliers they don’t forget them either.
But what are you doing when you are a recycling company and you want to show your ecological credentials. Grupo Hera (Hábitat, Ecologia y Restauración Ambiental), a Spanish waste management and consulting firm handling some 1 million tons of waste per year, commissioned a sustainably designed gift box holding a bottle of Cava, the Spanish equivalent of champagne.

The Cava gift box is designed by Ciclus with the theme of turning waste into resources. Ciclus is a sustainable design project by Brazilian industrial and graphic designer Tatiana Guimarães, who came to Barcelona in 1998.
Using found objects and sustainable materials to create fashion and home accessories as well as custom projects for company gifts and promotions, Tatiana Guimarães extends the life cycle of materials by turning them into new and more interesting objects.

And so, Grupo Hero was able to distribute this sleek wine box by Ciclus which converts into a table lamp with no extra parts required. The packaging is made with recycled cardboard. Inside is a locally and ecologically produced bottle of Cava, resulting in an elegant exercise in sustainable packaging. The bottom of the box holds a hardware package for converting the wine box into a lamp, including a CFL light bulb, and the instructions printed on the back of the cardboard box. Over 70% of the Cava package is converted into the lamp, leaving little to be discarded. The lamp also packs up flat for easy storage and moving.

In the images you can see how this box acts as a carrying case for the Cava bottle. It has a wooden outer packaging that slides off to reveal the cardboard inside holding the bottle. There is a compartment below the bottle where the electrical components for the lamp are stored. This cardboard box comes off and transforms into the base of the lamp, upon which you place the wooden structure to become the lamp shade.

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