Five New Packaging Innovations 06

Continuing my series of 2010 packaging innovations from around the world.

From Basque Country – Etxegarai cheese in metal tins
Particularly in countries where processed cheese dominates the supermarket aisles with none or just a few natural hard or soft cheeses, cheese packaging is a dull business. Not in France with its abundance of different cheeses, Here first a beautiful packaging in metal from Basque Country. Etxegarai, crossroads and meeting point of several mountain ranges (Aralar, Aitzgorri, Urbasa, Entzia) has always been famous for the reputation of its cheeses. Made with raw sheep’s milk the cheese carrying the name of the region, is now packaged in metal preventing air from entering and adapting in each case to the shape of the product, thus protecting it from any aromatic contamination or dryness. Although to fully appreciate its taste, it should be consumed at room temperature, the cheese must always be kept refrigerated, so that only the outside of the packaging condenses the humidity, thus preserving the content of mould and other pollutants.

From France – Alouette Brie with an artisan cachet
But there is more on offer. Alouette Brie cheese from French Bongrain is wrapped in parchment and with a wooden base the packaging lend an artisan cachet to a new single-serve 5oz (142gr) package.

The upper wrapping is white parchment to maintain product freshness, and the product’s base is a round, multi-sectioned wooden tray. The package is unitized by a paper band that wraps all the way around and widens into a round label on top with all product information and graphics.

From Russia – Smirnoff’s Matryoshka doll
Russia has been distilling vodka since the 15th century and it continues to play an enormous part in Russian culture today. Traditionally vodka has been packaged in glass bottles with gravure printed paper labels. Today the over 600 Russian brands of vodka can be seen in packages with distinct designs and bottle shapes,
In that light it’s not amazing that Smirnoff also pays tribute to its Russian roots by disguising its new edition of Black Label inside a Matryoshka doll. The doll is dressed in brushed aluminium, and the covering is underlined by three onyx’s delicate stones. A really desirable item for any collection, as well as a perfect contribution to a Christmas party, Smirnoff Black Matryoshka 70cl is a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.

From the UK – The WowSpiral DVD Packaging
Wewow prides itself on offering high-quality CD and DVD duplication and replication services. But what is more, it also designs and creates visually stunning CD/DVD packages. Just as example the WowSpiral is the most eco-friendly CD/DVD packaging solution wewow ever created.
No Tray. No Glue. No Plastic. wewow’s packaging designers have innovated a CD/DVD package which can be produced from a single piece of sustainable paperboard and requires no plastic tray to hold the disc in place and no glue to hold the case together.
wewow’s environmentally friendly paperboard is cut with eight spokes which fold into a unique spiral clasp to secure the CD or DVD in place. The complete package is printed in full colour with vegetable-oil based inks, using low-alcohol printers, and is also available with bespoke print options such as gold-foil blocking and embossing.
Amazingly the WowSpiral is available in a minimum order quantity of as little as 50 units, so that any emerging music group can issue its first album without the costs as an obstacle.
Initially the WowSpiral was designed for a special project. Working closely with Communion Records, wewow developed the WowSpiral to package rising folk-artist, Pete Roe’s EP – ‘The Merry Go Round.’

From the USA – Six-packs made from kraft paper
Kraftpak is a lightweight, low density, high-strength, unbleached and uncoated 100% natural fibre paperboard. With a clean natural brown appearance and outstanding printability, an ideal canvas is provided for unique brand images and bold statements to differentiate products in the marketplace. The company, KapStone Charleston Kraft LLC, says this material has been seeing good growth in beverage markets this year with several new high-end craft beer brands switching to Kraftpak, as Kraftpak’s primary value points revolve around package weight reduction, based upon Kraftpak’s high strength per pound of fibre, strong sustainability credentials and the natural brown look.

From Norway – Lokale Helter (Local Heroes)
Pizza boxes are one of the most ordinary packages without any innovation for decades. In Norway a new brand called “Local Heroes” has released two organic pizzas. The pizzas are made of ingredients from various small-scale local organic producers.

The design, done by Strømme Throndsen Design in Oslo is environmentally friendly using a minimum of packaging material.

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