Recycle – Sail the Amazon River with Nestlé and Tetra Pak

With the slogan “Nestlé Até Você a Bordo” (Nestlé Takes You Onboard), Nestlé Brasil launched the first floating supermarket, a 27.5 meter long vessel, to service the ribeirinhos of the Amazon region. Nestlé estimate to be able to service a public of 800 thousand people/month, extending the presence of Nestlé brands in the Brazilian (river)homes.

That was the initial commercial project of Nestlé, but along came Tetra Pak Brazil and fortunately a second project was coupled with the first. This one under the slogan: “Embarque nas Ondas da Reciclagem” (Go with the Recycling Wave), aiming to collaborate with the environment and to promote recycling. The project intends to create opportunity for generating income for families in the region by collecting post-consumer packaging … read the full article

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