Champagne – Eight New Packaging Developments

The year’s end has of course to be closed with 5 new packaging innovations in relation to champagne. What is a New Year’s Eve without champagne. We toast each other at the turn of the year and whether it is genuine champagne or not, it has to have bubbles, otherwise the new year doesn’t start properly.
The champagne bottlers know this and, they also know that each year more non-champagne, ciders and other bubble-drinks are entering the market. But for the upper ten there is real champagne.

Let’s have a look at how the French are selling their champagne to be consumed with New Year’s Eve. Something special should be in it. And, to be honest, something special it is.

Moët & Chandon Champagne
We start with Moët & Chandon, one of the best known champagne houses in the world, which introduced a pristinely designed cylindrical gold concave cooler, baptised Chill Box, holding a bottle of Moet Brut Imperial, 750ml bottle. The design of the metal tin was inspired by the diamonds decorating the bottle capsules of Moet. Look at the Chill Box as a small ice-box which keeps the champagne cool for 2 hours.

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte
Champagne house Nicolas Feuillatte had the Christmas travellers in mind when introducing a new version of its cute-looking range of rose cooler jackets for its Brut Rosé NV. Brut Réserve Particulière is available in a blue cooler jacket, while Nicolas Feuillatte’s Blanc de Blancs sits in a white cooler jacket.

But Nicolas Feuillatte has one more new packaging introduced, this one for its Palmes d’Or Brut 1999. For 25 years, the name “Palmes d’Or” has been brandished in the inner circles of fine Champagne aficionados. Palmes d’Or is only released when the cellar master believes the vintage truly meets his highest expectations.

This smooth and balanced Champagne is beautifully packaged in a matte gold or silver container and black velvet wrap.

Veuve Clicquot
When it looks yellow it is from the Champagne House Veuve Clicquot. Veuve Clicquot’s Yellow Label Champagne has been gift packed in a voyager-style shopping bag that embodies the style of the brand. The isotherm cooler bag made from strong yellow nylon, sewed with a saddle stitch finish and with sturdy faux leather handles, can keep your chilled champagne ready to drink for as many as two hours at an ideal temperature. The typical Veuve Clicquot yellow makes it an eye-catching curiosity for anyone who sees it. Furthermore it can be folded away and kept for re-use.

If you don’t drink champagne, or imitation bubbles you should try Beirão liquor, one of the most popular and traditional brands in Portugal.

Licor Beirão
Designed by NTGJ in Lisbon, Bairão launched a limited edition of 1,000 gift packs, which asserts itself as a prime collector’s item.
The bottle has a very elegant design and is made of glass and then painted matte black. There are some transparent parts, from where the consumer can observe the liquor.
The secondary packaging is made of paperboard and inside, on a bed of foam, rests the bottle and two glasses. The glasses are painted matte black, also with a transparency on the side, following the design of the bottle.

To end the story, after testing the mentioned champagnes, and enjoying the Barão, we have to drink lots of water, just to eliminate the consequences for the day after. What’s better than to drink genuine iceberg water.

Naeve Iceberg Water
From Newfoundland in Canada, Main Brook Waterworks Inc. launched its Naeve Iceberg water in 375- and 750-mL Bellisima flint glass bottles. Sourced from O.Berk Co., the bottles convey that the water is the one-and-only type to be mixed with premium liquor and delivers the refreshing taste of pure iceberg water.
The stock Bellisima bottles transmit a fragile luxury as each bottle is frosted, yielding an icy look that is enhanced by an ice-blue bar-top cork cap, a dimpled seal-band top label and a frosted-looking primary label.

And when you don’t like the Canadian icebergs, we propose to travel to the utmost south of the Americas: Patagonia, the southern tip of Argentina and Chile. There we find to exceptionally pure waters: Diuco in Argentina and Aonni in Chile.

Patagonian Water

Designed by Plasmica Buro (bottle creative design), Snail Studio (bottle development), and Wolk Design (mini fridge development), Diuco from the Argentinean Patagonia is the perfect blend between the highest purity and innovative design.

Simple lines inspired by nature, Diuco´s mini fridge cools the bottle in 15 minutes to tasting temperature, allowing the customer to truly experience Patagonian Purity.

The Chileans, although without a cooler, are competing with an organic shaped glass bottle holding Aonni water ‘born’, as they say, in virgin soil.

Santé. Happy New Year to all of you.

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