Packaging Innovation up for Auction at Interpack

A new business tool never experienced before will be presented at Interpack in Düsseldorf/Germany on 17 May 2011. Industry players will be able to bid for the right to exclusively negotiate with creators of food packaging innovations. It will be a real auction with knowledge as the commodity.
The initiative intends to accelerate the transfer of latest scientific results to marketplace as intensified utilization of innovations will allow companies to improve their competitive capability and ensure long-term market success.
The auction is primarily aimed at packaging developers, producers, process engineers, designers and researchers, as well as food manufacturers.

A six-person expert panel selected four projects to be up for grabs at the auction. The projects
include initiatives on Nanotechnology of metals in food packaging applications, Dispenser head,
Functional synbiotic edible food coating and Whey as a surface treatment for paper and board to obtain water-repellent properties.

ttz Bremerhaven project manager Annika Gering added “They were chosen based on their potential for functionality, innovation, economic efficiency and environmental impact.”
She explains that bidders can offer “rather symbolic amounts” at the auction as winners gain first rights to negotiation rather than rights to the knowledge itself.

Innovationparc Packaging

As largest packaging fair in the world, Interpack offers an excellent setting for the auction because all important decision makers from the packaging sector will be at Düsseldorf.
Project organisers said if the event was successful, it could be the first of many across Europe.

The HighTech Europe Network of Excellence consists of 21 industrial and research partners from Europe and one Australian research institute. The overall aim of the four-year project is to introduce high-tech bio, nano and ICT technologies to food markets to strengthen the competitiveness of the European food industry, especially SMEs (small and medium enterprises). It also aims to improve communication and knowledge transfer in the food sector.

For more information about the Knowledge Auction visit

4 responses to “Packaging Innovation up for Auction at Interpack

  1. Participation is free of charge. However, to be able to bid you have to register prior to the event. Registration forms can be found on our website

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at HighTech Europe Knowledge Auction!

  2. Interesting stuff but, I will be happy to know a little bit about the bidding process.

    Thanks, Eric

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