Highlights of Interpack 2011 – The First Day

Yesterday, Thursday 12 May, Interpack, the world’s most important trade fair for the packaging sector and related processing industries, opened it doors. For the 2011 exhibition 2,700 exhibitors from 60 countries occupy all 19 halls, in other words 174.000 m2 net of the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. I don’t have to tell more about the Interpack, as it is too famous in the packaging world to be unknown, or never heard of.

For my readers, who haven’t the opportunity to visit Düsseldorf personally I will publish the highlights. Each day I will post an article of a small selection of the most important and eye-catching items. I hope the highlights will give you the feeling you was there too and an idea of what is going on in the world of packaging.

All Packed into One: BBQ, Beer and Football
“Simplicity is the reduction of complexity – and that is precisely what customers are looking for,” the STI Group believes. And with this in mind the STI Group in Lauterbach/Germany provides sales promotion artefacts that boost sales, awaken enthusiasm in consumers and encourage retailers – from merchandising units to interactive themed decorations.

To mark its presence at the Interpack, the STI Group used the Women’s World Football Cup competition as attraction and developed a barbeque set. In the trolley with a cardboard frame are two foldable cardboard stools, a disposable barbeque and a pack of eleven cans of beer. All that is missing here is the meat (ready to be burned), a portable television and your very own outdoor public viewing can begin.

Blossom Dream Designer Bottle
What if several packaging elements of the same product could merge and together create something that is more than the sum of its parts? With this in mind the project “Blossom Dream” was developed. Its design resembles a flower. This impression is achieved through the fusion of the two packaging elements – the bottle’s sleeve and the cardboard box. Within the floral idea the bottle stands for the flower’s blossom. This impression can only be achieved with a sleeve because it surrounds the bottle at all sides and therefore is able to imitate the shape of a blossom. “Blossom Dream” is a concept. The entire packaging thereby fuses into a whole that is so aesthetic it could even be used to decorate your lounge. The content of this prototype might, for instance, contain a premium spirit with floral extracts.

However it was not developed to enter the market but to enable new thinking and show an innovative way of approaching the future of brand design.
Blossom Dream is the result of a cooperation between Sleever International and Design agency khdesign.

OptiLift Pull-Off Lid
Using a simple but ingenious idea OptiLift, the preserve can lid by the Ardagh Group, Dublin, Ireland, makes the opening of metal cans possible without ruining your fingernails. A hollow for your finger under the pull tab makes for considerably improved ergonomics. A flex panel does the trick: it is convex during seaming and becomes concave after sterilization due to the creation of a vacuum. Concavity is reached automatically without the need for mechanical manipulation.

Available in all known diameters, OptiLift offers a common lid and tab design. Furthermore, the lid makes a 10% saving on material over the conventional version. To the jury of the iF packaging award – an international design prize awarded at Interpack – this was worth the “iF gold award”.

The First Talking Packaging
Where does the meat in salami come from? What is sodium nitrite and what purpose does it serve in ham? The talking packaging, developed by Wipak Walsrode in Germany, provides the answers here. Using special codes in its print varnishes information and sounds can be integrated into the packaging. Consumers can use a special pen to aim at specific points on the packaging – for instance the list of ingredients – then reads out this audio information. This might be nutritional information, warnings for allergy sufferers or brand messages.

Airtight Packaging for Longer Life
To maintain the elegant appearance of die-fold packages, the Starpac 600 HL uses a folding box to create all folds at once for perfectly symmetrical side and longitudinal seals. This symmetry is achieved by the folding box’s ability to maintain the precise position of wrapping materials with elastic properties, which cannot be ensured with multi-station folding.
Starpac 600 HL from Sapal, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, makes it possible for chocolate manufacturers to produce individually wrapped, premium-look bars of block chocolate and at the same time to seal them air tight – an innovation in this field. The hermetic sealing makes for a product ideally protected from external influences giving it longer shelf life.

Photos courtesy Interpack/Messe Düsseldorf

3 responses to “Highlights of Interpack 2011 – The First Day

  1. We thank you for taking this effort and eagerly look forward to your feedbacks in the innovations exhibited in InterPack 2011 exhibition in Dusseldorf.
    Rgds Anand Chandhok.

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  3. I thank you for providing as valuable information on packaging at its best 🙂

    Thanks a lot.


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