Highlights of Interpack 2011 – The Seventh and Final Day

The last day of an exhibition is always a bit of a disorder, as exhibitors, their results known and being tired, are sneakily trying to dismantle their stand and pack what should be taken away immediately. You can’t really blame them, as the Interpack is a very tiring exercise and everybody is worn-out, multi-day visitors as well as exhibitors. And don’t forget the waiters and waitresses.

So for the today’s summary I collected some interesting videos showing several packaging machines in motion and (of course) the inevitable sales people talking. Few words from me, as the videos speak for themselves. If the video is spoken in German, I added some written text, which is not a transcript (as it is just sales talk), but an explanation of the item(s) you see in the video.
With the exception of one video they all are about machinery, while the last video is “We wrap the World”. With this final day, we say bye, bye to Düsseldorf. See you at the Fispal in São Paulo.

We start with the non-machinery video.

The Airolux aerosol pressure control technology
The Air0Pack System is an innovative new technology to dispense fluids and medium to high viscosity materials, using a patented pressure control device. This system can replace traditional aerosol products that are used today with conventional metal cans and chemical propellants. It was awarded the Edison Award in Silver.
Commercial Director Geert Roelofs explains (in German) how it works, why it should inspire hair spray users and how it protects the climate.

The new Air0Pack System technology combines a unique pressure equalizing valve with a pressure reservoir. The valve can be adjusted to suit a wide range of different product characteristics, providing a continuous dispensing flow rate from the beginning to the end.

The Air0Pack System technology functions with normal compressed-air instead of conventional hydrocarbon chemical propellants e.g. flammable gasses. In addition to the safety and environmental benefits this allows pressurized dispensing of products not previously possible using conventional aerosol technologies.
Compared to conventional propellant based aerosols this innovation offers cost advantages for the product and in the manufacturing and filling process.

Airolux AG in Bilten (Switzerland) is a joint venture established by IPS (Innovative Packaging Solutions AG) with the Resilux Group.

The Digital Packaging Machine
The time in which packaging machines were controlled by mechanical curves and electric relays is long gone. Servomotors took the place of the curves, and electronic empowered process control and so the digital packaging machine, distinguished by its high level of flexibility, emerged. However, along with this, a new generation of machines has also arisen where the control dominates. The mechanical system has been significantly simplified and air cylinders are only used for subordinate movements.

If a mechanical machine no longer functioned as intended, even an inexperienced machine operator could quickly discover the cause. On the other hand, if a servomotor doesn’t start, you are helpless to know what’s wrong. You’re at the mercy of the control and the information it provides.

Schubert presents automatic tool changing
“Using standard components is the secret of our success. Our highly flexible TLM packaging machines are designed for elegant, simple, manageable packaging of individual products – in other words anything capable of being picked up”, according to Gerhard Schubert, Managing Director of Gerhard Schubert Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH. Watch the video spoken in German, but worth to see the machines in operation.

At Interpack 2011, Schubert shows the world’s first TLM packaging machine which features fully-automatic tool changing and can therefore work with different products. It has made fully-automatic size changing a reality. From chocolate Easter bunnies to yogurt cups, the change-over time is only 4.5 minutes. Underlying this is a enormous increase in the efficiency of the packaging process. It’s a decisive step toward the ideal of digital production, which responds immediately and flexibly to changed conditions, works flawlessly and produces the smallest quantities with high productivity as part of a superior order system.

Anyone who produces snacks, cookies or chocolates should have a look at the TLM-F44 picker line, which picks chocolate bears from a belt and places them into packaging trays in continuous operation. What’s new here is the mother tray, which is sealed in an upper film at the end of the line and then cut into portion trays. The stacking lugs stay in the web scrap.

Mespack and machines with new features
Mespack is a Spanish company that manufactures machines such as a stickpack machine for candies. Alex Martí from the marketing department speaks about this and another packaging machines with new features such as an increased speed.
I don’t need to add more as Alex is speaking English.

Cavanna concentrates on food safety
Italian packaging machine manufacturer Cavanna presents answers to the needs of food safety as required today. Alessandra Cavanna, chief executive officer, introduces the machines brought to Interpack 2011. No comment from me, listen to Alessandra and see Cavanna’s machines in operation.

Little left for me to say. The last day comes to an end and with it the Interpack 2011. We say goodbye to Düsseldorf. It was very tiring for an old man as me, but well worth it.
I end this article with the video “We wrap the World”.
In the next few days I will write a recap, giving my thoughts about the trends signalized here in Düsseldorf and what I think will happen in the future.

We wrap the World
That is the motto of a stand introducing the international product family in terms of packaging of Messe Düsseldorf. Thomas Dohse, account manager, explains to which places he and his team can take those interested in the world – like growing markets such as Brazil and China, for example.

Bye, bye Düsseldorf. See you at the Fispal in São Paulo.

videos and some of the photos courtesy Interpack/Messe Düsseldorf

2 responses to “Highlights of Interpack 2011 – The Seventh and Final Day

  1. Dear Anton,

    I followed your comments on LinkedIn. I may have missed some though. A pity you did not comment on the newest topload cartoner Bosch did display. It offers a Poka-Yoke approach to manual change-over and it KISS. No complex mechanics, it looks like anempty machine, but top level management of many global players we very excited.
    I hope you have the chance to see it the next time or when you are in Switzerland. I am sure you will love it.

    succes at Fispal

    • Jacob, I missed, as usual and expected a lot, and don’t forget I didn’t always miss it, but didn’t have room enough to write about it. With an Interpack like this you have to make choices. Robert Bosch can fill a full article. I wrote about RB and know I had more info available, but there are limits. Sorry. However if you think that the topload cartoner is special send me all (techn) info, hi-res photos, video etc and I will see I can write a special article about it. You can imagine I have a full load of info taken from the Interpack and sufficient for many more articles. Send me and I will see. Tahnks for your comment. BTW will the cartoner be at Fispal?

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