Summertime: Time for Cocktails

It is summertime, anyway in the northern hemisphere, and as such it is time for barbeques, picnics, and other open air festivities. To make their parties a success, party-faring consumers are constantly in search of the right dose of light-hearted fun at an affordable price.
It is no surprise that several consumer goods companies launched new beverage tastes in the face of the summertime. In the liquors and cocktails section there have been some fascinating packaging innovations. Let’s have a look.

Good Times pre-mixed cocktails
Not spectacular in terms of packaging design or innovation, the new line of premium alcoholic beverages of Good Times Beverages in eco-friendly, resealable 200-mL pouches, still is interesting in terms of packaging material.

For its Bob & Stacy’s Premium Margarita, made with 30 proof, premium tequila, the company chose easy-open flexible pouches that are constructed of foil that is mostly post-consumer recycled aluminium alloy, covered with a thin internal plastic layer. Each pouch has a free-flow, tamper-resistant cap that can be resealed for extended storage.
The packaging incorporates a high-oxygen barrier film that preserves flavour for one year unopened, and up to three months after initial opening, when it has been resealed with the original cap. After filling, nitrogen is injected into the pouches.

Good Time Beverages’ flexible pouches are lightweight and have a compact profile, ideal for space-saving storage and shipment. The company claims that its pouch is only 10% of the weight of an equivalent PET bottle and it is made primarily of recycled aluminium covered with a thin layer of poly. The pouches are 100% BPA-free and have excellent stand-up stability due to the strong film structure and the single gusset construction at the bottom of the pouch.

Crystal Light Mocktails
Wikipedia defines Mocktails as mock cocktails, or those that do not contain any alcohol. Any drink recipe can be modified by simply leaving the alcohol out, however these recipes are some of the more common mocktails. These non-alcoholic drinks are great for serving the entire family and a nice alternative for party guests who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Kraft Foods’ Crystal Light brand launched New Mocktails, powdered drink mixes in Appletini, Margarita, and Mojito flavours, providing a low-calorie alternative to popular summer beverages.
The packaging, designed by Landor Associates, consists of a 1.62-oz oval column container made of polypropylene, decorated with a full-body shrink-sleeve label. Inside, five film stick-packs hold the powdered drink mix, each one of which can make up to two quarts of the beverage.

Each flavour has a unique colour palette and pattern that springs forth from iconic cocktail glass shapes. To increase appetite appeal, signal refreshment, and distinguish the uniqueness of each flavour, a combination of illustrations and photo elements were employed.

The SX-family “Your Drink. Sexier!”
A new line of liquors targeted at “discerning female consumers,” SX appeared in a sensuously contoured bottle, supplied by Pavisa of Mexico in 750-mL and 1-L sizes, that suggests the movement and passion of Latin dance, and the exotic infusion of Latin-inspired flavours within. Developed by SX Latin Liquors of Fort Lauderdale, FL, the brand relies on a bottle with flowing feminine movement, designed by 4sight inc.

The entire bottle, except for one small clear panel, is frosted, resembling a flowing dress with an alluring front slit. The modern-styled silver cap, supplied by Tapones, features an artificial cork embedded in an injection-moulded cap, making it easy to remove and replace.

Simple graphics at the top of the bottle, just below the cap, include colour-coded typography red for SX-chachacha, yellow for SX-samba, and green for SX-calypso – that marries the logo with the three products. Designed at the same time as the bottle structure, the logo by Greg Stewart of Ingenuity Design mimics the flowing shape of the bottle, while rendering a combined “S” and “X” shape.

Cocktails in a bag-in-box
Swedish alcoholic beverage brand No.1 launched a new six-pack cocktail range in handy sizes using Rapak’s bag-in-box technology.
With a reputation for innovation in product development and brand design, No. 1 is a pioneer in bringing bag-in-box packaging for alcoholic beverages to the market.

The new packs contain six 0.5L alcoholic beverages, with both the bag and tap supplied by Rapak, in two different combinations. One six pack contains gin, vodka and four types of vermouth (Bianco, Extra Dry, Rosso Sweet and Rosso Bitter) while the other offers gin, rum, vodka and three flavoured vodkas; banana, kiwi, and chocolate/orange.
The Rapak bag and tap offer enhanced product protection both before and after opening, with the bag collapsing as the liquid is dispensed to prevent air getting into the product and maintain the quality of the beverage.

Alcoholic beverages in bag-in-box are a rapidly growing market, thanks to the wide range of practical benefits offered by this technology and its capability to respond to rising consumer expectations for preservative-free, premium beverages and to meet increasingly changing lifestyles.

Bag-in-boxes are easy to store at home and transport to parties or outdoor settings such as barbeques for social drinking, it offers quick and simple dispensing. The bag-in-box format satisfies an increasingly environmentally-conscious consumer market. It generates less waste, is light and saves energy costs during transport.

Foaming your cocktail
The Lucas Bols brand was established in Amsterdam in 1575 and is the world’s oldest distilled spirit company. In cooperation with Rexam Personal Care, Lucas Bols created the world’s first and only foam liqueurs called Bols Foam.

Designed to add a surprising finish on deserts and beverages, the liqueur is dispensed from 200mL glass bottles using the Rexam M3 mini-foamer with S 10 “engine.” Each bottle of Bols Foam creates two litres of foaming liqueur. The foam is designed to keep its form for up to 15 minutes to ensure maximum distribution and customer satisfaction.

The technology behind the foamers is the same as the current line of Rexam M3 mini-foamers. It takes a small amount of liquid, mixes it with the right amount of air and with a single press, without chemicals or propellants, creates creamy, rich, long-lasting and controllable foam.

Van Heertum Design (VHD), already working together with Bols for a long time, was responsible for the label, packaging and complete brand design.

Jangquesam, stabilize the balance of the body
“Jangquesam 2010”, manufactured by Woongjin Foods Co in Seoul, South Korea, is a 2010 limited edition red ginseng juice. Jangquesam is a premium product containing the medicinal values of “Yiksuyeongjingo” and “Ohjayeonjonghwan” which were provided only to kings (they are traditional Korean medicines).

Luxurious is the appearance of this limited edition 2010 vintage – the red ginseng juice has been ripened for six years long and has due to its high quality an overall brand recognition in Korea. The matte black gift packaging opens up like an altar, and emphasizes the preciousness of its content. The gold-coloured glass bottle is twisted in itself, so that the foot mimics the swing of a long robe. By means of this, the unconventional form translates the product characteristic: “ginseng juice to stabilize the balance of the body”.

The packaging and bottle were designed in-house by Jin-kyu Choi, Sang-Hee Lee, Mi-Hyun Lee, Shin-Young Back.

The Peelable Smirnoff Caipiroska bottle
Smirnoff expects from potential consumers to show some tantalising activity before they can start enjoying the drink. The new bottle of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide, has a full-body shrink sleeve.
The tantalising aspect is that Christian Faria, art director of the Brazilian design agency JWT, projected a diagonal perforation in the sleeve so that the consumers have to peel off  the ‘skin’ of the bottle, like peeling the fruit. The full-body sleeves have with the texture of lemon, passion fruit and berries, the taste of which the drinks are made.

To emphasize the natural character the bottles are packed in wooden boxes, reminiscent of the fruit crates used in the major produce markets in Brazil.

It is a beautiful packaging. I only am not sure how the Smirnoff Caipiroska experience to peeling an actual fruit, is valid for strawberry. How do you peel a strawberry? If you ever want to peel one.

Colourful vodkas with cold-activated labels
Diageo launched the Ursus Vodka, a line of triple distilled vodkas comprising Original vodka, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Punch, a flavour first in the vodka category. The recipe was developed by a traditional Icelandic distiller family in the early twentieth century. Since 1995 it is distilled and bottled by the Ursus Vodka Company in the Netherlands.

The brand is packaged in 750-ml. bottles. To signal the ideal serving temperature for Ursus, the label on the bottle changes from white to blue when chilled in a freezer. It does take a bit of chilling: The label turns blue in the freezer, but not in the refrigerator.

Although cold-activated labels aren’t a novelty, you see them used by many a beer brand, the Ursus cold-activated label is the first of its kind in the spirits industry.

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