Exclusive Gifts and Packaging Innovation 02

It is fun to make a round-up of all fancy, exorbitant and specially shaped packaging seen in 2011. There is more and I certainly will write some more overviews. It is not mainstream packaging technology, but several examples might give you inspiration for your own range of products.
The shapes and designs of vodka and whisky bottles as well as mineral water, and not to forget perfumes will be in the next articles.

Whisky and vodka are out. Cachaça is in.
Velho Barreiro, the cachaça (Brazilian rum) brand of Indústria de Aguardente Tatuzinho, enters the group of the world’s most expensive drinks. The Velho Barreiro Diamond is bottled in a packaging produced by French glass manufacturer Saverglass, with a frame made of silver and gold and studded by 211 diamonds and a 0.7 carat diamond in the centre of the bottle. In all, “there are 7, 3 carats of pure crystalline” the brand declares.
There are only 60 bottles available for sale and each one costs USD 125,000.
The Velho Barreiro Diamond will also be sold in the simple 1 litre version, without gold, silver and diamonds, which will cost you USD 65.00.

The company states that Velho Barreiro Diamond is made from a “unique and special blend” between the original Velho Barreiro and a “carefully selected rum distillery, original from the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro”, which would ensure “a smooth and harmonized taste with a fruity aroma and slightly sweetened”.

Trip View Bowl
The Trip View Bowl compresses the view of a specific Taiwanese landscape in a 12cm-in-diameter blue and white porcelain bowl. The three-dimensional panorama map is amazingly painted inside the bowl. Rotating the bowl will virtually take you into the sky looking down at this landscape.

Trip View Bowl displays a kind of delicacy unreachable by printed patterns or hand-drawing. It is a piece of delicate work of art, even observing it with a magnifying glass. A magnifying glass is supplied together with the bowl so that the details can be seen.
This artwork represents 100% Taiwan-made identity, from its creativity to the firing process, and from the bowl itself to its packaging.

The packaging is an environmental one. The company used medium density fibreboard as packaging material. The open design allows consumers to see and touch the bowl, and while it still features the most important thing: the protection of the bowl, which is perfectly engineered. According to the company, the packaging can even stand a fall from five meters as it is designed to self-crumble to save the bowl from breaking.

Japanese watermelon auctions for USD 4,000.
I know it isn’t exactly the right season, but when you really want to surprise your guests for the Christmas dinner, then there is only one solution. Bring a Densuke watermelon to the table. You will be the hero of the evening.

Such a beautiful fruit and such a simple packaging. The Densuke watermelon is a Japanese rare item, and due to the recession, it comes at a “bargain price”, something around USD 4,000 apiece. Once in better times it has set the record as the world’s most expensive watermelon at a staggering 650,000 yen (USD 8,100)

This Japanese watermelon, grown exclusively in the nation’s northernmost Hokkaido Island, has a bowling-ball smooth, stripe-free dark shell and pink flesh. But the big question is: what exactly does this mega-pricey piece of fruit taste like? According to a Japanese agricultural expert quoted in the LA Times, it has a crisp texture and taste incomparably different: “It’s a watermelon, but it’s not the same. It has a different level of sweetness”. Japanese regard it a prestige to take the very first fruit of the season.

But for me the most amazing part is the simple, but effective packaging of the Densuke watermelon. No packaging at all? Well, look at it. It has all the necessary functions: label, ventilation, carrying handle, visual product presentation, protection. Simple and beautiful craftsmanship.

Champagne for the children
Now the children will be able to toast the New Year festivities thanks to Cereser’s sparkling Spunch. Spunch is the new champagne-like beverage for children launched by Cereser, in a partnership with Disney. It is a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage produced from natural fruit juice. Glass bottles of 660 ml are decorated with shrink sleeves, produced by CCL Label, with Disney characters.

The packaging is the same format as sparkling champagne, complete with the stopper and all. The packages are all beautiful with four different models that take the Disney characters.

Founded in 1926, Viti-Vinícola Cereser Ltda is among the largest beverage manufacturers in Latin America, with segments in a very diversified portfolio of wines, ciders, and a variety of spirits.

Port wine in historic packaging
Taylor’s Port, one of the most traditional of Portugal, started selling one of the rarest and oldest Port wines, in limited edition. The Taylor’s Scion Port was produced in mid-nineteenth century and stayed in the process of aging in oak barrels for 155 years.

The wine is the one and only from the pre-phylloxera period (late 19th century, the plague of phylloxera decimated the grape crops in the region of the Douro River, which includes Porto, leading many wine producers to bankruptcy).

In 2008, David Guimarães, Taylor’s enologist, found in the basement of a local family the wine that is sold now. The wine was kept as a private reserve, with the exception of one barrel, the owners say they sold it in the 1940s to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
According to the company, the fifteen decades of aging in wood gave a ‘ magic complexity’ to the taste, so the company decided to release it as a collector’s item.

Taylor’s Scion is sold in a special packaging with artistic details, which refers to the period in which the wine was produced. The packaging is inspired by a box of instruments from the nineteenth century, in which sits a crystal decanter and is accompanied by a book that tells the story of the wine, with original drawings of illustrator Sarah Coleman and a cover recording in gold the word Scion (descendant or heir of a noble family).
Each bottle sells for 2,500 euros.

Tomorrow the exceptional packaging designs of whisky, as far as they were launched in 2011.

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    • Amanda thanks for your comment. However I can’t help you. I have no idea where you can buy the children’s champagne. I write about packaging and principally not about the product. Your best option is to click the link of the company I gave in my article, visit their website and contact them. I know they export their products, so maybe.
      By the way, if you put in an email-address, make sure it is a working one, and not a fake.

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