This Year’s Luxury Vodka Bottles 01

Before I do a second article about exclusive whisky packaging released in 2011, I like to show my readers the efforts of design companies in relation to vodka bottles.
As said before, in general, vodka is marketed to the “average” consumer. To attract their attention the vodka distilleries are engaging design bureaus to create every so often a new exorbitant design, as 20% of the consumers make their choice when “the packaging/bottle appears prestigious or sophisticated” and 17% when “the packaging/bottle appears sexy or hip”.
Nearly one third of all spirit drinkers like to try a new spirit brand because of its attractive or special packaging. These survey results can clearly be seen in the designs of vodka bottles. It is very similar with the labels of wine, of which is well known that its design influences the consumer unquestionably.
Here we go with vodka bottles.

Vod-K with a truffle
Fryd Food & Drink of France created a brand identity and packaging for its new brand, Vod-K, a premium caramel and truffle-flavoured vodka. Vod-K is produced and bottled in Cognac in the Charente, the birthplace of expertise and tradition of spirits and liqueurs.
In order to evoke tradition and purity, QSLD in Paris designed a bottle reminiscent of a distillery sample bottle. The crystal bottle of Vod-K is cylinder-shaped, heavy, and weighted to underline its premium character. This character is highlighted by the matte finishing of its brown anodized metal cap. The bottom of the bottle is truffle-shaped in frosted glass. The concept of Vod-K has been to create a constant universe. Vod-K is a modern interpretation of the ‘demijohn.’ Unique by its shape and its graphic design, Vod-k is also a decorative object. Thought to be exhibited, no detail has been left to chance.

The Vod-K logo is silk-screened on the front side of the bottle, and there is a transparent self-adhesive label on the back. This Vod-K is available in 2 sizes: 70cl & 75 cl.

The Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle
Personally I am not a great admirer of the Absolut Vodka bottles. For me they are of typical Swedish design, cold and sterile. Ohh, I know vodka is supposed to be enjoyed cold or even frozen, but for me the Absolut bottles miss any intimacy with the brand. It is a cold relationship.

The Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle – the next generation of the Absolut Vodka Crystal bottle – has been designed by celebrated Swedish designers Magnus Skogsberg and Mimmi Smart of Skogsberg&Smart. They reinterpreted the iconic shape, using superior quality crystal from the esteemed Reijmyre glassworks and hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-engraved by master craftsmen at Reijmyre glassworks in the Östergötland region in southern Sweden.
The design was inspired by the heritage of Saville Row’s bespoke pinstripe tailoring, the “epitome of luxury, elegance and sharp sophistication”.
The total number of bottles made is 800, each numbered and signed by the master cutter after inspection and approval. So don’t miss the chance to have one of these, just for USD 1,500.

The Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle is presented in an exclusive handmade treasure chest, clad in opulent pinstripe fabric, complete with two matching crystal tumblers.

A pitch black version of the bottle, The Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle, has also been crafted in an ultra-limited edition of just ten bottles. The black, lead-free coating is applied via an elaborate glass-blowing technique and the pinstripes are engraved using mirrors for vision in the solid black surface.
The Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle is priced at USD 10,000

Iceberg vodka becoming a ‘lifestyle brand’
First launched in 1995 by Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, Iceberg vodka is becoming a ‘lifestyle brand’ in Canada, were it is produced using the very pure water from small icebergs that come detached from glaciers. In July of 1994 the first icebergs called growlers (small icebergs broken off from large icebergs) were collected using barges and tugboats.  The icebergs drift from south of the Arctic where the North Atlantic swell leads them along the north east coast of Newfoundland into the hands of the harvesters.

The square Iceberg Vodka bottles are designed and shaped like a piece of a North Atlantic Iceberg, they are distinctive with the cold, rugged power of icebergs representing masculinity. The bottles feature a blue, ice-textured front label and a flat side is for easy storage in the freezer.
The custom designed bottle has been referred to as a work of art.

Iceberg Vodka is produced and bottled in glass bottles from 700ml up to 1140ml in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

A work of Art
For many vodka lovers, the real, genuine and original vodka comes from Russia. Whether that is true or not, is of no importance. Russian vodka vibrates the senses. According to Russians, vodka, whose name was a Russian diminutive that might be translated as “little water” or “water of life,” originated in the twelfth century.
There are a number of quality gradations in the vodka market, and Stolichnaya, produced in five distilleries in Russia for export, asserts its superior quality by stressing its Russian status.

In order to underline the authentic Russian heritage of Stoli, the talents of contemporary Russian artists were enlisted to incorporate the Stolichnaya bottle.
New York artist Yuri Gorbachev has designed a label to be featured on a limited number of Stolichnaya premium vodka bottles. Gorbachev, whose work is inspired by Byzantine art, explains: “My label incorporates the four elements – earth, air, water and fire – that join together to make Stoli one of the world’s most distinctive vodkas. Earth and water feed the grain, which gains strength from the clean air, while fire represents the passionate spirit of Stoli”.

Gorbachev’s globally renowned works are represented in more than 20 museums worldwide, including the permanent collections at the Louvre, the Kremlin Museum and the White House. The iconic artist, known within the art world as the Angel from Russia, has a long history with Stolichnaya, having illustrated print advertisements for the brand during the 1990s. Like the premium vodka brand, he has stayed true to his rich Russian heritage.

“When fine art is used in advertising”, Gorbachev explained to Art Business News, “the quality, strength and feeling of the art transfers to the product, enhances it. And when an artist is unique, he gives uniqueness to the product as well. Art connects emotionally with people. It is less artificial and has a stronger impact”.
Consumers react well to the exclusive design and see it as a unique purchase or collectible gift during the seasonal period. When you buy a bottle of Stolichnaya, you not only get one of world’s best vodkas, but also a real work of art.

The campaign helped Stolichnaya increase its U.S. sales from 1.1 million cases in 1996 to 1.3 million cases in 1999. Stolichnaya is the second-largest vodka brand in America and the largest vodka brand worldwide.

Just yesterday Stolichnaya announced the launch of its limited edition Pristine Water Series. The Himalayan Edition is unveiled as the first in the collection featuring Global water sources, offering only 300 bottles.

Stolichnaya has taken great care to handcraft the elit pristine water series, a unique vodka of unprecedented perfection and exclusivity for the most discerning palate. The quest to find the world’s most pristine water sources has led the company to the Langtang National Park in the heart of the Himalayas.

After going to incredible lengths to source the purest water, grow the highest-quality grain and distil it into the world’s most precious vodka, it could only be housed in a one-of-a-kind handcrafted bottle.

The elit pristine water series bottle is made from the finest, hand-blown, superior-quality Bohemian glass, which is sealed with an exquisite gold-plated decorative ice pick. Each bottle is housed in an individually numbered hand-made, walnut carved chest. The unique character of the Himalayan Edition comes from the provenance of its water and grain, together with its distinctive distillation process and packaging of unparalleled quality.

The elit pristine water series from Stolichnaya is 40% ABV (80 proof), retails at USD 3,000.00 per limited-edition bottle. Stolichnaya will be revealing a new water source and the next edition in 2012.

There are some more beautiful bottle designs to be reviewed. We will see DQ Vodka from Sweden, Finlandia from Finland, the bottle from Russian Ksenia Suvorova, Christian Audigier’s decoration of the Vodka 58 bottle, the Vesica double vodka bottle from Poland and as last the Black Queen, a Belgian premium vodka.

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