February – Packaging Innovations

This month we start again our series of new packaging developments. An ingenious packaging format for artisan square sandwiches, Salanova lettuce to grow in your own kitchen, a paperboard handgrenade holding a boxer short, nostalgic paperboard baskets for fruit and vegetables and from Singapore a Rice Dumpling Box made from nostalgic unbleached kraft.

Tri-Star’s Artisan Square Sandwiches
Tri-Star launched a new range of packaging for ‘rustic’ sandwiches – the hand-made, square-cut bloomer-style of sandwich that is currently all the rage in delis and discerning retailers up and down the UK.

The new Artisan range comprises two innovative pack designs – the ‘Bloomer U’ and the ‘Bloomer 2’.  The Artisan Bloomer U is a flat structure with sides that click upwards to form a U-shape.  This next-generation pack can be flow‐wrapped, wrapped with poly-sheet or simply bagged. It protects the product while in transit and on display and ensures it is highly visible at all times.

The design of the Artisan Bloomer U also helps guarantee that the sandwich stays in great shape and that it is easy to pick up and put down, making it ideal for eating at the office desk or grazing in the park.

The Artisan Bloomer 2, meanwhile, is an off-the shelf pack boasting two cavities that are the perfect shape and size for square-cut sandwiches.  The Artisan Bloomer 2 is designed to be bagged but can also be flow‐wrapped.

Created by Anson, a UK packaging manufacturer, the Artisan range will be distributed exclusively by food packaging supplier Tri-Star. The packaging is made of rPET (recycled PET), a sustainable, recyclable material recognised as a BRC food grade material.

Salanova lettuce hits the market in a pot
The Dutch potted plant grower Bunnik Plants has developed a new concept with Salanova lettuce. This concept, Salafresh, was presented at the largest ornamental and flower exhibition in Europe, the IPM Essen in Germany.

The product is sold with a special packaging concept ‘your own salad garden in the kitchen’.
With its numerous, smaller leaves and compact size, Salanova is the perfect lettuce type for this purpose. The consumer has a fun product in the kitchen and it stays fresh for a long time.

The packaging has a QR code that consumers can scan with a smart phone. They will be directed automatically to Lovemysalad.com where they can find and share salad inspiration, recipes and all kinds of other ‘fresh fun’.

The Bazingaa Boxer Hand Bombs
A stylistic package for a pair of boxer shorts used as sport wear or underpants is made from corrugated paper. The package from the God Speed Co. Ltd. from Thailand, is in the form of a rocket capsule depicting on active lifestyle. The capsule can be detached easily from its holder, and the cap removed conveniently to take out the product.

The packaging, 11x6x20 cm, is made from recyclable single wall corrugated board with mono-colour printing.

Baskets and bowls for fruit and vegetables
The carrying baskets and bowls in chip basket design are an own development of the German packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer KG. The challenge was to add moisture protection to the inside, achieve the necessary stability and to meet the requirements for direct contact with food.

The paperboard baskets and bowls for fruit and vegetables are certainly worthy of distinction under the aspect of sustainability. They can replace both plastic containers and woodchip baskets on the fruit and vegetable shelves. They are made of paperboard which has been demonstrably approved for direct contact with food, it also being possible to dispose of it in the recycling loop for waste paper.

Their foldable property reduces the logistical expenditure for the baskets, low-migration inks and the refinements of the inside with a special barrier varnish crown the top quality of the product for everything that is fresh and is to stay that way.
A woven look and surfaces which can easily be printed on, provide manufacturers with all the chances of positioning themselves as a sender of traditionally high-quality original products.

Rice Dumpling Box
The rice dumpling box is a creation to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival, otherwise also known as the Rice Dumpling Festival or the Duanwu Jie falls on the 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese Lunar calendar.
It is shaped just like its content, a rice dumpling, complete with a string. To add to the nostalgia feel, the package is printed on uncoated kraft that brings back memories of the paper bags that were a common sight years ago by simulating the look of the good old brown paper bags.

To instill the value of conserving traditions, the graphics design of the box shows activities relating to the festival such as dragon boat racing and the making of rice dumplings. The box is able to pack six small rice dumplings.
This packaging, designed by Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd in Singapore, is made with solid unbleached sulphate board. The printing is done on the uncoated kraft surface to give the box a nostalgic look, the colour scheme used is limited with black as the dominating colour to simulate the look of paper bags used commonly in the seventies and eighties. The package is fastened with a string just like a rice dumpling. When the restraining string is drawn, the package closes into its unique shape. The string also serves as a handle. By releasing the string and stretching the side of the packaging, its content can be accessed freely.

As the packaging is not enclosed fully, it allows air exchange which is important to maintain freshness of the rice dumpling. The inner surface of the box is laminated with a layer of OPP film to prevent the seepage of oil from the rice dumpling into the board allowing the packaging to maintain its clean look.

More to come.

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