August – New Designs in Packaging

Almost everywhere in the world it is holiday time and people are baking their bodies on the beach or are burning first class meat on their barbeques for everybody to enjoy. Summertime is a wonderful season with incredible aspects.
But let’s go back to packaging. What I wanted to say is that the summertime invites us to write a light-hearted article. So, today, just some new developments and designs.

Flânerie of the House of Krug
Champagne of the House of Krug, called Flânerie, comes in a luxury leatherwork bag. Bearing the Krug stamp, its adjustable shoulder strap gives the option of carrying it slung across the shoulder or held in the hand. It is the latest packaging novelty from the House of Krug.
Arranged in the form of stars, the strips of natural cowhide interweave to form a slouch bag, while subtly recalling the numerous vintages that make up the rich blend of Krug Grande Cuvée.
They reveal glimpses of the deep cherry-red interior, evoking the emblematic colour of the House of Krug, and in which a detachable cooler encases Krug Grande Cuvée, preserving it at the ideal temperature of 10ºC for two hours.

I guess it is a perfect accompaniment for the barbeque burned meat, as it only cost USD 200.00.

Ecological Pomelo Packaging
In the same style as the Flânerie of the House of Krug, is the packaging of the Thai Pomelo of Chainat province. Brought to market by Yod Corporation Co.,Ltd  the packaging is made from water hyacinth.

The main material used in packaging’s structure is made of a local plant found in an area of the product’s origin. Together with the knowledge of the local people who excel in handicraft without relying on manufacturing, it is more environmentally friendly than a plastic net.

The packaging did think me of the Densuke watermelon, I wrote about some time ago. The same stands here. The amazingly simple, but effective packaging, which looks as if there is no packaging at all. No packaging at all? Well, look at it. It has all the necessary functions: label, ventilation, carrying handle, visual product presentation, protection. Simple and beautiful craftsmanship.

The Nibble-Box
A Keynote’s Bread and Bakery Products Market 2012 report points to research that showed that 70.8% of lunchbox meals are now consumed by adults, who are taking their lunches to work to save money. These consumers want choice when preparing their meals, said the report.

But when you want a choice and want to conserve your food properly till lunchtime, you need an appropriate packaging. UK supplier of packaging and disposables to the food and drink market, TriStar launched the new Nibble Box. A stylish rPET pack that is perfect for holding a vast array of foods, from breakfast fruits and pasta salads to more exotic options like tapas, meze, and tortilla wraps. It’s a perfect option for eating delicious but messy food while on the move.

Offering visibility and freshness, the Nibble Box boasts a 1,000cc capacity and is manufactured to BRC-approved standards for food grade packaging. It can be configured with three different insert options to accommodate various product types, and finished either with a flat lid for eating on the move or with a domed lid for bakery products.

Laser-etched fruit
Using a carbon dioxide laser, Importer W.Jonckheere SPRL from Brussels has a first in Europe when selling their melons. To get the ‘tattooed’ fruit on the market they’ve produced permanently-visible labels, etched into the skins of the fruit.

The laser only penetrates a tiny way into the skin, causing no damage whatsoever to the fruit itself. Significantly, these labels produce a permanent reminder of the fruit’s origin, highlighting and verifying the start of the product’s supply chain so consumers can see exactly where it’s come from.

The arrival of the Natural Light Labelling technique won’t be the first time this type of system’s been used to label fruit. Previously, though, it was pulled over fears that it could produce prematurely-decayed fruit. But Greg Drouillard states that this laser-etched fruit labelling technique which is his brainchild, “works with any fruit or vegetable, other than leafy greens and corn on the cob”.

Zenith DuoBag compliments the product
PFM Zenith DuoBag is a new VFFS vertical packaging machine which produces packs with a pocket for putting in gadgets or accessories needed to use or consume the product.

Patented by PFM of Italy, the machine in this exclusive configuration for the production of the DuoBag packs produces two packs in one, starting from a single reel of packaging material and a single forming tube, which has been specially designed for this application.

An automatic loading system inserts the accessory in a pocket within the pack. The method of loading has to be determined according to the accessory and the specific packaging needs. The accessory never comes into contact with the product since it is placed in a sealed inner pocket.

So that was July when everybody was lying on the beach. Back to work.

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