Interesting Developments in Stand-Up Pouches


Even stand-up pouches are subject to design and not only in printing but in shape as well. The traditional and conventional rectangular pouches are often replaced by oval, or other profiled shapes, as brand owners want to see pouch shapes that are easier to hold in the hand, and have more attractive profiled shapes, imitating those of bottles or other rigid packaging.
From the point of view of the consumer, the stand-up pouches are “allies against waste”. They are small and practical, allowing extraction of contents to the last drops.

130747-Coffee pack s-pouch spoon-2 W320 100dpi

Coffee stand-up pouch with spoon from s-pouch

Stand-up pouches are expanding their appearance from the food and beverage segments to the non-food sectors. They have a lot going for them. In addition to the basics, like product protection and shipping economies (vs. bottles, pails and cans), they can be designed with features that make product use and storage more convenient.
In some cases you even see the pouch’s bottom gusset made from a clear, multilayer film, allowing the consumer a view of the product.

130747-Coffee pack s-pouch pic-1 W320 100dpi

Coffee stand-up pouch from s-pouch, Taiwan

But what is more important, this new generation of (non-food) stand-up pouches incorporate new technologies, design and user-friendly functionality. We will have a look at several recently introduced stand-up pouches, in the food as well as in the non-food sector, all with something special in addition to the stand-up pouch basics. They will give you a limited overview of what can be done with a stand-up pouch.
In two articles we will see the Brazilian “Sou” oval shaped personal care pouch, the stand-up pouches for motor oil from Lube-Tech and Eco-Ultra Motor Oil, the Schwan Ice cream Soft Serve stand-up pouch, the NorSpoutBag for Coldec paint, the coffe brewing pouch of Nature’s Coffee Kettle, the very special jar-imitating stand-up pouch for Canadian artisanal foods manufacturer Le Grand of St-Joseph-du-Lac, the Mixpack from Mexico and the air-filled handle of the Method stand-up pouch, which founds its origin in the Ecolean milk packs.

NorSpoutBag for Coldec Paint
Stand-up pouches are mainly used for food products, and that’s exactly the market segment Nordenia intended to infiltrate with its newly developed NorSpoutBag. However Coldec, the Dutch company behind the Paletto Mix & Shake bag, decided differently and used the stand-up pouch for paint.

130732-ColdecPic2 W540 100dpi

Curiously enough the packaging innovation has been heralded “Package of the Year” in the U.S.A. The Association for Dressings & Sauces (ADS) gave the award to acknowledge Coldec’s “Mix & Shake Bag” concept, which is based on the NorSpoutBag.
The organisation presenting the “Package of the Year” award annually to honour the best packaging idea for the dressings, sauces and condiments sector, celebrated the bag as an exceptional solution for future applications in the dressing and sauces industry. The patented NorSpoutBag is also optimally suited to this sector: alongside all of the advantages of a high-grade, flexible packaging, it features a screw-cap integrated into the top fold, guaranteeing originality. In addition, the convenient handle on the back of the premium packaging enables the product to be poured safely and simply using just one hand.


However as said the Coldec concept was designed for paint. The packaging format lets Coldec display more than 50 different paint colour options in a small retail shelf space.
It’s not the 2.5-litre pouches that contain the colour varieties. The colour varieties enter the picture by way of small 100-ml tubes of colorant. Consumers pick the colour they want by selecting one of 32 tubes. At home they empty the tube into the pouch and shake it up. With that, they’re ready to paint.

The company states that the two-container approach could have been executed in some other, more traditional format like a can or bucket. Plastic cans have become very popular in the paint category, for example, and indeed, Coldec could have gone with a tube and a plastic can. But the NorSpoutBag gave Coldec the differentiation it wanted. No other paint comes in such a format, and the billboard graphics on the stand-up pouch are sure to grab the eye of any shopper who ventures down the paint aisle.
The pouch also allows the consumer to squeeze out the last ounce out of the collapsed pouch, which leads to another sustainable packaging gain. With so little paint is left in the pouch, the consumer can toss it in the household waste rather than worrying about having to put it in with chemicals.

130732-NorSpoutBags VE_0164_2 W540 100dpi

The Coldec “Mix & Shake Bag” is manufactured by Mondi, which describes the rollstock it uses to make the pouch as a “standard co-ex film” to which is laminated an OPA (Oriented Polyamide) substrate that is reverse printed flexographically in eight colours.
The stand-up pouch, including a spout integrated into the top gusset, is perfectly suited to pack liquid, pasty or loose bulk materials. The integral spout and cap, has a polypropylene base and a 25-mm polyethylene cap that are both injection moulded. The handle on the back guarantees easy handling. NorSpoutBags are available in sizes ranging from one to five litres.

La Maison Le Grand of St-Joseph-du-Lac, QC, Canada, shows the world that you can reach amazing results with flexible stand-up pouches. The artisanal foods manufacturer launched its newest stand-up pouch mimicking a deceptively realistic old-fashioned canning jar, complete with a hand-lettered tag attached with a cord.

Stand-up Pouch Imitates a Canning Jar
130544-maison-legrand-produits-sauce-rosee-rustique W320 100dpiFor several years, La Maison has supplied its savoury pesto and pasta sauces in conventionally shaped stand-up pouches with plastic dispensing closures. The switch to stand-up pouches over the last several years has enabled La Maison to design amazingly eye-catching packaging. For the new pesto pouch the company decided to go for a faux canning jar shape.

The top of the microwavable 330 ml stand-up pouch is printed to look like the metal lid of a canning jar, with instructions on the back indicating that the customer cut the “lid” off to open the pouch.
The rounded shape of the pouch when filled and the almost three-dimensional optical illusion of the tied tag and cord complete the illusion of a canning jar, doing a perfect job attracting consumer attention.

Flair Flexible Packaging, the manufacturers of the faux canning jar shape, uses a three-layer laminated structure, formulated to minimize oxygen transfer and maximize product freshness and shelf life.

Product preparation consists of three minutes in the microwave, stirring half way through.

130544-Flair stand-up pouch W540 100dpi

One more special stand-up pouch for today, although with a minimum a (technical) information.

Schwan Ice cream Soft Serve
130825-Schwan_s_Soft_Serve W320 100dpiThe Schwan Food Company recently launched a new ice cream product in a regional test market. The product is a premade ice cream pouch that provides real “soft serve” ice cream right down to the swirl.
The single-serve 8-oz premade stand-up pouch, manufactured by HQC Incorporated, has a laminated structure with a custom 28mm finish and formed in the shape of an ice cream cone. The stand-up pouch is topped with a modified stock fitment with a star pattern outlet, to allow consumers to swirl the ice cream as it is dispensed.

The portable pouch gives consumers two choices: dispense into a cone, cup or bowl; or eat directly from the packaging.

130825-Schwan Ice cream Soft Serve W540 100dpiMore to come.

5 responses to “Interesting Developments in Stand-Up Pouches

  1. Cool! Value for money (consumer) and save spaces for business management.

    Just a question, does it consume less material compare with traditional packaging like tin can?

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  3. I am looking for a good packaging for our new engine oil in India. I Saw the new way of packages for motor oils of yours. Need to know if it could be available in India and then how we can fill the same packages. Do we need to change the filling system or we can yet continue with the same.
    Thank you for your prompt reply

    • Ican’t answers your questions, as I don’t have information about your motor oil or your existing filling system. Your best bet is to contact S-Pouch Pak Co. Ltd.
      1-10, Wen Shan South Lane, Nan Tun District
      Taichung City
      Contact: Wayne Juminaga
      Phone: 886-4-2382-8005
      Fax: 886-4-2382-8050
      I know they supply their pouch to India. Furthermore they are able to adapt your existing filling line to the new pouch.

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