Interpack 2014 – Innovative Packaging

140511-Interpack03 W540 100dpi

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Interpack has a InnovationParc, the exhibition’s own forum for special themes of the future of packaging. Visitors and exhibitors meet here for an exchange of creative ideas and the development of visionary ideas on basic social, economic and ecological themes.

From this special place at Interpack I selected three packaging innovations. First the ones from Edelmann.

Concepts by Edelmann
Carl Edelmann GmbH  (A14/A18 in Hall 11) is an international packaging group, mainly in folding cartons. Various exhibited conceptual packaging designs intend to represent Edelmann’s capabilities. They depict the extremely varied market requirements of the consumers in the Beauty and Health Care areas.
According to Edelmann: “The tasks of packaging are complex. To ensure that convincing solutions are realised, the big picture has to be kept in sight. Every solution in itself or in combination with others is the basis for an individual consumer packaging”.

140511-Edelmann ipack14_MK4610 W540 100dpi

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Packaging as a brand ambassador with multimedia enhancement represents a key area in which Edelmann is presenting new developments at the Interpack. These include packaging with an integrated 2.4-inch screen (40 x 50 mm). When the folding carton is opened, a video of up to 60 minutes in length is started automatically. Usage information, user instructions or details regarding the origin of the products can thus be displayed vividly through moving images.

Edelmann is opening up a new dimension to consumer experience with electronic elements on packaging. Integrated LED lights illuminate attention-grabbing designs or impressively stage product benefits, like, for example, the flash on a camera. Sound elements round off the sensory experience. Folding cartons can, for instance, play product information or music when opened.

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Also a folding box with vanity mirror in the lid illuminated by LED is part of the options. The new packages not only are interesting for cosmetics. Since both the size of the packaging as well as the integrated elements is flexible, the application possibilities are considerable.

Another development is the so-called Touchcode. This element, which is invisibly applied in a printed image, transforms folding cartons, vial cards and leaflets into interactive media. Through the touch of a smartphone or tablet, the Touchcode brings digital content directly onto the display. Contact-free data transmission using near-field communication is possible using a label integrated into the folding carton.

The Dual-Chamber Beverage Carton

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

The second example is from an unknown design agency Stolte Packaging from Prague. It’s not more than a concept or even less just an innovative idea, but interesting to look at.  Stolte Packaging designed what can be called the dual-chamber beverage carton. They took the well-known Gable Top (Tetra, EloPak) and located a longitudinal dividing wall in the pack. To be able to use the content of both chambers separately they inserted two fitments, one on each side of the top of the gable.
Little is known about how to manufacture the Gable Top with two chambers and how it will work on filling machines. The interesting thing of this design is of course the possibility of consuming, say, a litre pack in two steps, without having the risk at spoiling the food (Save Food) and the merchandising benefit to offer the consumer a dual drink, for example milk and a juice, or two different juice flavours.

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

I’m not quite sure whether this idea will work out in reality and whether one of the manufacturers of gable top machines sees an interesting enough market to adapt its machine systems to this option. Time will tell.

The dual-chamber beverage carton is on show in Hall FG/IPP19 at the Innovationparc Packaging stand.

The Sub and Torp from Heineken
140511-Heineken-The-Sub W540 100dpi

In the Innovationparc Packaging stand there also was on show the new Heineken Sub and Torp draught beer home tap. The Sub with its anodised aluminium body is the draught beer appliance itself, designed by Marc Newson and manufactured by Krups.
The Torp is the 2 litres beer container with a choice of several Heineken brands. I haven’t been able to discover who the manufacturer of the metal Torps is.

140511-Heineken krups the-sub-tabletop-beer-chiller W540 100dpiEssentially the Sub is a fancier version of the popular 5 ltr Heineken kegs, with the difference that it’s able to chill the beer by itself, it frees up space in your refrigerator. The Torp which fits in the body of the Sub is a metal cylinder filled with the beer. The Sub keeps the beer fresh for 15 days.

140511-heineken-the-sub-tabletop-beer-chiller W540 100dpi

The innovation targets the fast growing at-home beer market, tapping into the urban consumers’ increasing desire to enjoy a premium draught beer experience in their own home.

Outside the InnovationParc we pick a development from Coveris.

The Duo-Smart Packaging
Coveris (E43/Hall 10), the result of a merger of five plastic packaging companies (Exopaxk, Kobusch, Paragon, Britton and Paccor) presents at Interpack, the DuoSmart, an innovative plastic-paper-combination.
Like similar hybrid packaging compositions the DuoSmart combines the advantages of both plastic and paper, creating a functional, secure and highly decorative packaging solution.

140511-Coveris pot-papier-et-plastiqu W540 100dpi

The plastic inlet, made of PS, PP, PP/EVOH, PLA or PET, enables smooth and fast filling and sealing with a standard filling line. It is adequate for a wide filling and storage temperature range and thanks to the plastics properties, food safety quality is not compromised and longer shelf life with optimal freshness is achieved.

The paper sidewall banderol gives the cup its stability and increased stiffness and offers high quality decoration options through offset printing on both sides. This results in a perfect colour reproduction. For ready meal products a filling line could be printed on the inner side, which becomes visible through a transparent plastic inlet.

The printing option on both sides of the paper sidewall banderol allows enhanced space for branding including special effects like embossing or hot-stamping. Even windows can be cut-out of the paper banderol to show the content of the cup. For promotion purposes items such as mini-booklets, or labels can be applied in-between the plastic and paper layers. A paper bottom is optional for increased height and improved product presentation but also for printing a bar code.

140511-Coveris Image1 zipDD W540 100dpi

DuoSmart is an environmental-friendly packaging. The paper board is PEFC and FSC certified and both the plastic and paper components can be easily separated into different waste streams after product consumption. Layer separation and post-consumer waste handling is easily facilitated through a perforated zipper option on the paper sidewall banderol.

Coveris claims that the DuoSmart packaging is a convenient solution for yoghurts, spreadable cheese, ready meals like instant food, ice cream, cookies, sweets, cereals, nuts and other snacking products. It is also suitable for pet food and non-food products.
Different lid options including flat sealing, besides dome or re-closable lids are available for the adequate product application.

140511-Coveris-DuoSmartR-ready-meals-with-inner-printing W540 100dpi

Recent product developments evaluated into a 100% liquid-tight Shaker DuoSmart cup and an Insulation DuoSmart cup.
The 100% nature-friendly DuoSmart cup consists of a light-weighted PLA inlet with a recycled paper segment. The second development is the 100% liquid-tight Shaker DuoSmart cup, a PS inlet with rounded rim and a re-closeable high dome lid, which is applied for pet food and non-food products. The Insulation DuoSmart cup for hot drinks consists of an expanded PS inlet and a paper segment with zipper option.

Tomorrow another series of interesting packaging developments I saw at Interpack. We end with an impression of the exhibition.

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

Photo courtesy: Constanze Tillmann/Messe Duesseldorf

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