Packaging for the World Cup Craze

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Enthusiasm of the Brazilian football fan or not, with a few weeks to go before the World Cup 2014 kick-off in São Paulo, the Brazilian business world is heavily promoting its products in new packaging adapted to the World Cup sphere. Slowly and timidly, there is a lot of public irritation and protest with the World Cup (read my blog Brazil In Hot Pants), shops and supermarkets are colouring yellow, green and blue, the traditional colours of the national football team, lovingly called the Canaries.

In Brazil “Football is King” and hosting the World Cup is only once in a lifetime. Despite all technical and organisational problems, the football fan will have his month long party. He doesn’t doubt for a minute that his Brazilian Canaries will be champion for the sixth time.

According to a report by Nielsen Sports, the World Cup will influence the sales figures of the supermarkets in four categories and concludes that during the sporting event the football fan at home and in front of the TV will consume some 20% more beer than he normally does. “The living room is the stadium”.

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During the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, the Brazilian consumed 15% more beer, 10% more soft drinks, 11% more snacks and 13% more chocolate. “During the World Cup this year we will see a peak in consumption of products in these four categories”.

And, so, the shops and street kiosks are full with football shirts, uniforms, wigs and all sorts of other knick-knacks, so that you only see the colours yellow and green. But it isn’t only the paraphernalia of the football fan that must be on sale, but also what he intends to consume. Manufactures of consumer goods try to entice the market with specially designed products and packaging. Most brands have restricted the transformation of their packaging to a simple reprint in the national colours. There are no spectacular designs, but there are some attractive exceptions to the dull reprinting.

Let’s have a walk around and look what interesting packaging designs have entered the market. No technical details as I took them just off the shelves.

The most striking and certainly most attractive product in the World Cup market is the introduction by Garoto of its World Cup bowl in chocolate.

140301-Garoto Trophy-chocolate-da-copa W540 100dpi

Garoto, one of the most traditional chocolate brands in Brazil, designed a version of the World Cup Trophy in chocolate, a tasteful reproduction of the most desired football cup, made with 300 grams milk chocolate. The replica shows all the details of the official trophy of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and is on sale in a specially designed folding paperboard packaging.

Of course everywhere the Cup trophy stands in the centre of attention and thus Budweiser (the official beer sponsor of the event) introduced a limited edition of a gold-metallic aluminium beer bottle with the iconic football trophy as theme.


With the introduction of the beer bottle Budweiser designed a holistic creative platform under the “Rise As One” theme, noting that “While football brings out regional pride and fierce rivalries, it also brings fans across the globe together once every four years through shared passion”.

There are 12 football stadiums in 12 different cities (state capitals). Brahma, the largest beer brand in Brazil, launched 12 different beer cans. Each aluminium can is imprinted at the front with an impression of a particular stadium and at the back with a typical post-card attraction of that city.

140301-Brahma Latas-FRENTE-cidades-sede W540 100dpi

140301-Brahma Latas-COSTAS-cidades-sede W540 100dpi

It’s clear, that most brands like to stay in the race (that is the attention of the consumer) and create, angling for the attention of the collector and souvenir hunter, a series of packages for their product.

Soft drinks
This also is the case with Coca-Cola, another power in the field of sponsors.
Coca-Cola launched into the Brazilian market a special edition of mini-bottles. The design gives an overview of all World Cup countries in the past, like Argentina and Japan, as well as the future such as Brazil, Russia and Qatar.

140109-coca-cola-mini-garrafinhas-copa-do-mundo-2014 W540 100dpiThe 18 mini-bottles are flamboyantly decorated with the national banners and typical, well-recognized visual motifs of the countries. As collectors’ item they can be attached to bags or mobile phones or used as a key-ring.

140301-cocaga W540 100dpiThe bottles don’t contain the Cola beverage, but are interactive and football fans can via Facebook, iPhone en Android apps, send special messages and photos to other bottles. The marking points in the graphic design can open augmented reality animation using a smartphone.

140301-Coca-Cola Zero lata W540 100dpi

Supporting its “mini-bottles” promotion campaign, Coca-Cola also introduced a new design for the Coke Zero, which draws the consumer attention to the mini-bottles. Furthermore Coca-Cola’s beer brand Sol received a new World Cup graphic design.

Not wanting to stay behind the non-food sector also is angling for the festive and spendthrift mood of the consumer. Besides the usual products to adorn the body during the World Cup matches (nail polish, body paint, cosmetics) Johnson&Johnson introduced a special World Cup packaging for its BandAid, a World Cup toothbrush and a special World Cup packaging for sun lotion for children. Gillette promotes razor blades with a World Cup theme.

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Farther away from the daily pleasures is the packaging from Kelco for its Keldog treats for dogs and a padlock from Papaiz, which is intended to be a living remembrance of the World Cup.

The list is endless, but there aren’t many remarkable World Cup designs. I’m not impressed by the shown creativity of the Brazilian packaging designers. They certainly can do a better job.  Apparently the designs reflect the low expectations and lack of enthusiasm of the football fan.
So close to the event, I doubt that some last minute fascinating introductions are to be expected.
A few more days (17 to be exact) and all hell will break loose.

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  2. Dear Anton,

    always enjoy reading your packaging reports. Thank you, obrigado !!

    May I please you, you were mentioning a slideshow here below… where is it ?

    Best regards from Germany, Jörg Pfützner

    some 20% more beer than he normally does. “The living room is the stadium”.

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    • Jörg, nice to hear that you enjoy my posts. I think (I’m not sure, but the Javascript remark says all) that you read the article from the email my computer send to all subscribers as soon as I have posted. Unfortunately the email message doesn’t carry the slide shows, only the remark “This slide show requires Javascript”. You have to go to the website to see the slide show. It is there without doubt. Sorry, I can’t change that, it’s part of the WordPress server I use. Abraço Anton

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