Best In Packaging in 2014

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At the start of a new year you always have the inclination to look at what you have achieved, before you turn around and make plans for the year in front of you.

The year 2014 was very busy for me with my consulting activities for various companies worldwide and the specific articles companies and inventors ask me to write. This meant that I relatively had less time for updating this website. Nevertheless 35 articles have been posted, growing the total archive of this blog to 381 posts.

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Inflight meal with Turkish Airlines

WordPress, my provider, tells me that my readers come from almost all countries in the world, while most come from the United States, UK and the EU as well as India. I must say, I’m quite proud that readers from so wide a variety of countries in the world are visiting my blog.
Somewhere halfway 2014 we had our millionth visitor. We are now already far over the first million.

According to specialists my posts have, what they call, staying-power, as various articles from 2013, 2012 and even 2009, were still very popular in 2014 and most read. Among them are:
A World Tour in Take-Out Packaging from 2013

Self-Heating Packaging Containers – Part 1 and Part 2 from 2012

Developments in Dispensing Caps – An Overview also from 2012

Innovations in Food Take-Out Packaging also from 2012

It is clear that Self-Heating and Take-Out Packaging were hot topics in 2014. From 2009 we saw popular interest in:
Milk in a Pouch – Innovative and Sustainable

I made a selection of the most interesting articles from 2014:
(Click the image or the title to read the article).

Packaging One-Person Ready-Meals

Creativity In Beer Bottles

Self-Heating Packaging With Built-In Microwave Device
141299-Self-Heating Packaging With Built-In Microwave Device-W540 100dpi

Interactive Bottle Caps
141299-Interactive Bottle Caps-W540 100dpi

Developments in Microwaveable Food Packaging
141299-Developments in Microwaveable Food Packaging-W540 100dpi

Interpack 2014 – Innovative Packaging

Interpack 2014 – Picking-Up The Naked
141299-Interpack 2014 – Picking-Up The Naked-W540 100dpi

Innovations in Food Trays
141299-Innovations in Food Trays-W540 100dpi

Forming And Filling Beverage Bottles

To end this short introduction to 2015, I can tell you that I have some interesting packaging items and innovations in portfolio. 2015 will become a remarkable year in terms of packaging. Look at the trends and the developments still in the pipeline and we will see the start of a complete overturning of what consumers expect from packaging.

In another article I collected some trends divulged by the various packaging magazines and websites. Wait for it.

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