Recent Novelties In Beauty Packaging

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One of the pleasures of living in the Amazon Delta is that your internet connection can fail for several days. Why it’s a pleasure? Well, you rediscover life as it was before internet and this gives you the chance to catch up with activities you couldn’t find time for. Anyway for a few days it’s a beautiful way of life. Back to business.

The organisers of the Luxe Pack New York exhibition claim that it is the only show in the USA dedicated to creative packaging. Fact is that the Luxe Pack New York is a melting pot of the most innovative options and expertise for all professionals involved in packaging development. Besides packaging for Beauty, the visitors can find the latest creative packaging solutions for Wine & Spirits, Gourmet Food, Jewellery, and Fashion & Accessories.
Furthermore “Luxe Pack in green” has become the international platform to highlight the best practices of sustainable development.

Let’s have a look at the packaging of some beauty products. By the way not all of them were exhibited at Luxe Pack, but they perfectly fit in this article.

150644-Chicago Ecopush W540 100dpi

Marula’s Lips 2 Lines
Marula’s Lips 2 Lines on-the-go hydrating balm is packaged in a 100% paperboard dispenser/applicator, manufactured by Chicago Paper Tube & Can Co. and which won the 2015 Luxe Pack In Green award.

According to Chicago Paper Tube & Can, EcoPush is a 100% paperboard package made from up to 95% recycled materials (80% post-consumer content) with absolutely no plastic or metal. The entire package is biodegradable, compostable, and simple to recycle without any disassembly of the container. All of the paper and glues used in its manufacture are FDA compliant, and no solvents or harmful chemicals are used in the process, and the only waste product is a small amount of these same materials, which are recycled in return.
The only manufacturing waste is paperboard fibre, which the company recycles.

150644-Marula W540 100dpi

All materials for the EcoPush tube, which is manufactured in Chicago, are sourced from the Midwestern United States. The tube’s decorative, printed top stock is Esse paper from Neenah Paper Inc.
Made entirely from paperboard with high PCW content, EcoPush can replace plastic containers by allowing direct filling of oil-based solids like balms and butters for cosmetics and personal-care markets. EcoPush is available in sizes from 0.3oz to 2oz. Fill weight for the Marula Lips 2 Lines tube is 25 grams.

Cosmogen Self-Heating Tube
This year Luxe Pack New York, held in May, highlighted the upcoming market trend of incorporating technology in luxury packaging, in addition to aesthetically beautiful and intricate packaging finishes.

150644-Cosmogen W540 100dpi

Paris-based Cosmogen turned heads at Luxe Pack with its patented Self-Heating Tube, designed for products like facial masks, anti-wrinkle formulations, hair products and body oil. These self-heating tubes are pioneering the way formulas are applied and paving the way for additional technology implementations.
Cosmogen claims that this system of pre-heating the product enhances efficiency and comfort of cosmetic formulas while applying.

The Cosmogen packaging incorporates two tubes, one inside the other. The outer tube is filled with the product formulation, and the hermetically sealed inner tube contains a sodium acetate solution. When the consumer breaks the peelable security strip on the package’s closure, the sodium acetate solution starts to crystallize. This generates heat, warming up the product.

150644-Cosmogen selfheating_2 W540 100dpi

The tube-within-a-tube package is designed for a single use. According to Cosmogen, the package is safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and compatible with conventional filling and sealing equipment. The package comes in a 3- to 10-ml size and a 10- to 60-ml size.

The tubes are printed with red thermo-chromic ink, which provide a visual sign of the packaging’s temperature change.

EthicalBio refill bottles
Ethical Beauty of Milan uses plant-based ingredients that respect the environment. The company’s passion for natural beauty extends to its packaging, where it aims to minimise materials.

150620-Refillable Ethical W540 100dpi

For its EthicalBio range of anti-ageing and blemish control the company introduced refill bottles, developed by Quadpack Group. The Yonwoo 50ml Show Bottle features a spherical bottom, visible through a transparent outer base. The inner bottle is made of recyclable polypropylene and can be purchased as a refill, keeping packaging content to a minimum.

The Show Bottle keeps the product fresh and free from external contamination, thanks to Yonwoo’s airless technology. Quadpack personalised the outer bottle with EthicalBio’s branding, playing with the double wall structure of the pack for an eye-catching look.

Venus Swirl with Flexiball
It is difficult to decide whether the exceptional design of the product, the revolutionary thermoforming and printing of the blister or the incorporation of a clever easy-opening device is the eye-catcher of this new design of Gillette for its Venus Swirl with Flexiball razor for women.

The design of the product is outside the scope of this article, so you have to find a description somewhere else. If you are a product designer it’s worth looking for it.

As so many consumers have complaints about opening a blister packaging, we start with that part of the design.

150638-venus swirl 1 W540 100dpi

The packaging consists of a thermoformed GPETG blister with inside a thermoformed PET insert tray that holds one razor and two cartridges. Heat sealed to this blister is a thermoformed GPETG lid. Also placed in the bottom of the clear blister is a paperboard insert with product information.

At the back of the packaging the lid incorporates a clever easy-open feature modelled after a cigarette pack. By placing a finger into a moulded opening in the blister and pulling, the consumer can easily tear the short lines of perforations on either side of the fingertip opening. This opens the package on three sides so that she can bend the top of the blister back on itself and slide the contents out of the package.

The multi-dimensional graphics of the Gillette Venus Swirl blister are printed with think4D technology. The thermoformed lid features a multi-dimensional silver ball printed and formed in precise detail to showcase the new Flexiball design of the Venus Swirl razor. The think4D process adds depth and shape to words and images using a patented process to reproduce three-dimensional objects, surfaces and textures.
The arched bottom tray reflects the razor’s own curves.
Typically, sealing to an arched surface is challenging and results in high scrap rates. This challenge was solved by using think4D’s pack-out system in which the multi-dimensional lids are packed hot right off the thermoforming line. The residual heat enables the lids to maintain the desired arc and lie nicely on top of the arched trays, minimizing spoilage and maximizing automation efficiencies during the heatsealing process. With this package, Gillette and think4D takes thermoforming of a printed substrate to a whole new level.

150539-Gillette-03-Venus-Swirlxx W540 100dpi

The blisters are manufactured by Placon, a designer and manufacturer of plastic packaging with a line of EcoStar branded post-consumer recycled rollstock from PET bottles and thermoforms.

Note: Pat Reynolds wrote in Packaging World a beautifully detailed article about the Gillette design and the thermoforming process. He writes about the packaging for the Gillette razor for men, as well as for the one for women. You can read it here.

Single-use lipstick sampling
Testing makeup can be an unsanitary experience for customers. The shared sampling pots in stores may become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can cause skin problems or infections.

To solve this issue, Grupo Boticário in Brazil developed a new way to test lipstick that provides a simple, engaging, and sanitary experience for customers. Single-use lipstick sampling completely changes the lipstick sampling experience in Brazil.

150539-Grupo-LipstickSample W540 100dpi

The sampling lipstick is a single dose of lipstick “printed” on coated cardboard through a process similar to graphic printing. To test, the customer simply removes the plastic film, folds the cardboard in half and applies the lipstick directly to her lips, without needing to use her fingers to spread the lipstick on.
Each sampling lipstick is used once and then disposed. This simple, easy-to-use sampling solution offers customers in Brazil a realistic preview of the lipstick colour and texture and gives them confidence to purchase the product.

The “single dose of lipstick” for Boticário are printed by Ycar Artes Gráficas.

After five beauty designs, it’s time to take a look at another field in packaging.

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  1. Hi Anton

    I like reading your columns. However, I see that you say the Cosmogen self-heating tube is Eco-friendly. How? It’s a complex multi-layer construction that would be extremely difficult to recycle.

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