Women On-The-Go – Part 02

As promised in previous article I continue here with a selection of convenient products and packaging for the women on-the-go. But before we have a look at the rest of the products I selected, I have a small introduction to this part of the article.

I read an article in an old issue of Branding Magazine putting this question forward “What Do Women See In Packaging?” and giving the answer: “For centuries women have responded to romance, flowers and chocolate. Why, because women respond when their emotions are activated”.

Well that’s the 21st century for you. Apparently the contemporary marketers think they still can lure professional women into buying some product packaged in pink, rose or baby-blue flowery wrapping paper. Enough about it, let’s look at the selection.

The next item is not a product for on-the-go, but a packaging, especially designed for women on-the-go and which can carry limited, but handy quantities of personal care products.

Aptar’s newest innovative dispensing concept called Proteo is a unique form of 50ml transportable, resealable, flexible packaging developed in Brazil. Aptar focusses with this product on the retail industry as it is designed to meet various categories of personal care products. Proteo is designed to serve consumers, who are looking for convenience and embracing the trend to carry products “on-me”.

With an easy dispensing system that slides to open and close, consumers can use and enjoy the product at all times and anywhere. With its chic, flat design, the flexible package fits in tight spaces and also allows for easy and complete emptying of products such as sunscreens.

This flexible packaging has a chance to change the Personal Care market. It aims at consumers who look for convenience by offering a packaging that can easily be kept in a bag or even simply in their pocket.

To accommodate the personal care products brands Proteo has a large billboard for art, giving prominence to the brand and instructional communication. It is a product consumers can take with them everywhere because it allows easy access and full use of the package’s contents.

A make-up case that perfectly fits in a small purse
A multifunctional packaging with a “Lift and Reseal” label that can be used either to exchange refills or to carry around your favourite makeup powder. “Flatty” was designed to occupy the smallest possible space (only 5 mm thick), a makeup case that perfectly fits in a small purse, in the gym’s bag, in a jacket’s pocket or in a travel case, and is always ready to be used by a modern active woman always on-the-go.

The manufacturer Mktg Industry from Italy made the make-up compact case entirely from 100% recycled paperboard and 100% recycled paper, a simple concept, yet very innovative and unique. Paperboard and paper are materials that have never been before seriously considered for the production of primary packaging for cosmetics. The packaging is a great ECO alternative to plastic. The paperboard compacts are entirely produced in Italy therefore are fully in accordance with all European standards and regulations on environmental protection and workers’ rights.

To launch “Flatty” Mktg Industry developed a special limited edition using special papers, such as shiny silver paper, metallic paper in gold, coloured metallic paper, silk paper, and papers in special colours and with special textures made by the Italian paper manufacturer Cordenons.

The pack can be decorated with 4 colours printing, hot stamping and embossing. “Flatty” is an Ecological and Eco certifiable solution and is 100% made in Italy.

Snap pocket perfume is a small size perfume, contained in a robust non-glass container. The 20 ml/0.7 fl oz. spray bottle is about the size of a business card holder and looks kind of like a pack of gum. Like any other perfume/cologne, pressing the spray pump on top will release the fragrance.
It’s made out of environmental friendly materials and is 100% recyclable.

This makes Snap pocket perfume suitable to carry in a pocket or purse. Additionally, due to its small size, it is on flights with almost all airlines around the world.

The bottle design is exotic as is, according to the company, the fragrance itself. With its strikingly beautiful floral design in a red and silver pallet, topped off with a metallic lustre, seamlessly captivates the essence of femininity.

Some years ago in France LeWhif launched chocolate in a lipstick-sized tube that contains a “breathable chocolate powder” that is inhaled rather than eaten. For a “bite” the consumer turns off the cap, positions the tube between the lips and inhales. Approximately 50 mg (1 calorie) ‘flies’ into the mouth, the irresistible desire for chocolate satiating, at least according to the manufacturer.

Le Whif uses particle engineering to form chocolate in particle sizes that are small enough to become airborne though too large to enter the lungs. That’s the basic idea behind Le Whif “breathable” chocolate, the patented invention of Harvard University professor David Edwards and his team.

Le Whif is a first commercial step toward breathable food and provides a completely new tasting experience. ArtScience Labs also launched LeWhif coffee for those who like a caffeine kick without a cup.
Le Whif in a lipstick-sized tube is a typical new packaging format that essentially creates a new way to consume food., an attempt to converge art and science.

Unlike the original version, Le Whif in these days uses organic, fairly traded chocolate and biodegradable materials.

Each 100% biodegradable tube comes with enough powder for around 8 whiffs. The tubes are available in 3 packs of either coffee or a variety pack that includes pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate, and mint chocolate flavours.

When you look at the snacking occasions, morning versus afternoon versus evening snacking, those occasions are driven by different motivations and very different choices and in particular when we are on-the-go of a time consuming journey. Whatever the reason for a snack, the fastest growing is the one driven by healthy nutrition ingredients.

To make it more complicated snacking on-the-go often is a “wet” experience consisting of a fortified, nutritional beverage.

Driven by the healthy nutrition requirements of the consumer, this “wet” snack “pick-me-up” category runs from fortified vitamin, flavoured beverages to teas and cold coffee and any combination (even weight loss) in between, with pro/pre-biotic milk formula in high demand, as well as probiotic juices. Consequently the shelves are overloaded with bottles and cans, with little or no differentiation in shape and design. The creativity sits in the product, but the consumer can’t see that, as they all just look like coloured waters.

And that brings us to a new packaging format, the Single-Serve Cap, setting a unique example for fortification on-the-go.

On the face of it the Single-Serve Cap™ of the Californian company Tap-The-Cap looks like any other dispensing cap as it has to dispense a supplement (vitamins, flavours, nutrients) through a bottle neck opening and into the bottle. But it is much more than the dispensing caps as we know them.

One of the most intriguing features of the Single-Serve Cap is its configuration to automatically connect to bottle necks with a circumference between 26mm-32mm. That translates into all known water bottles and brands in the market worldwide.

It’s perfect for travelling by air, as carrying liquids (not even water) are allowed. The Tap-The-Cap holds dry matter and on the plane it’s easy to obtain a bottle of water from the cabin crew.

So that was my selection for women on-the-go. I hope more consumer packaged goods companies find the way to create and design effective packages for women on-the-go.

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