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0 – 9


Updated 09 Sept. 2009

100 calories portion-controlled snacks

1-calorie spray pump

1-Clic closure

2P – Aluminium cans are 2P (two piece) cans, comprising a top and body. The body is formed from a sheet of aluminium and drawn to the required height, decorated in the round (up to six colours) and coated internally. The customer adds the top (second piece) after filling.

2-ply laminate -Term for a 2-layer laminate, it typically consists of an outer layer of PET or vinyl and an inner layer of LLDPE. The LLDPE can be white, in which case the laminate will appear opaque. The LLDPE can also be clear, in which case the laminate will be clear. 2-ply laminate will often have a better look than traditional 3-ply laminate, however the shelf life of coffee products packed in 2 layer laminate will be shorter, as the contents are less shielded against light and oxygen.

3D image printing

3P – Steel cans are 3P (three-piece) cans comprising a top, a body and an end (base). The body is formed into a cylinder from a sheet of pre-printed or plain tin-coated steel and the end is seamed to it prior to delivery to the filler. The customer adds the top (third piece) after filling.

3-ply laminate – A 3-ply laminate is a 3-layer laminate, where the middle layer can be AL, or VMPET. 3-ply laminates protect the contents against oxygen and light better than 2-ply laminates.

48/40 See: Forty-eight/Forty (48/40).

4-pack (cans) –

5-Phenyltetrazole – A high process temperature exothermic foaming agent generating nitrogen gas.

6-pack (beer) –

7/other – resin identification code “7/other” likely identifies their composition as retort-tolerant polypropylene (PP)/ethylene vinyl alcohol/PP.

0 – 9


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