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Kappa number – Measure of the amount of lignin remaining in pulp after cooking.

KDF – A term used by public carriers in referring to boxes (cartons) other than corrugated when Knocked Down Flat.


Kellogg Co

Kly – Kilo-Langley. Langley is a unit of irradiation energy: 1Kly-1 Kcal/cm². On average -140 Kly relate to 1 year outdoor exposure in Florida.

Knotter pulp – Pulp made from the rejects from chemical pulp screening

Kraft – (1) This term describes the natural, unbleached corrugated fibreboard used in making cartons. (2)  Paper or paperboard made from virgin pulp produced by the sulphate process. Natural kraft is unbleached and has a characteristic light brown colour; bleached kraft is a sheet having a higher brightness rating then natural kraft.

Kraft board – Solid pulp board produced by the sulphate process with or without bleaching. European designation: GZ (coated solid bleached board).

Kraft fluting – Fluted paper made from strong kraft pulp

Kraft Foods

Kraft liner – Facing board used, for example, as an outer ply in corrugated board.

Kraft Linerboard – A two-ply, high-strength virgin fibreboard substrate which can be laminated to corrugated medium in the construction of sturdy boxes. Unbleached and uncoated, it offers an attractive and consistently smooth surface suitable for printing. HCL (high compression liner) kraft linerboard is manufactured under high compression to reduce packaging weight without sacrificing strength. End uses: corrugated containers for a wide variety of uses, specialty products developed to meet particular customer needs.

Kraft paper – High-strength paper made almost entirely of unbleached kraft pulp.

Kraft pulp – Unbleached sulphate softwood pulp.

Kraftpak – Kraftpak folding carton board is a low density, high-strength, unbleached and uncoated virgin fibre paperboard. It is an exceptional performer for folding cartons and similar end uses. Kraftpak’s unique two ply design provides optimum strength for a given amount of fibre and a consistent surface with an attractive natural brown appearance and good printability. End uses: retail packaging and gift boxes, bottle and cup carriers, mailers (cartons and envelopes), overwrapped cartons, quick-serve cartons, and bakery cartons; industrial packaging such as hardware packer cartons, electrical component cartons, automotive parts cartons, copier supply cartons, fastener cartons, and filter frames, poly-coated products, clear and pigmented for use in retail and institutional food cartons, roll headers, separators, and partitions; and adhesive and poly laminations using unprinted and pre-printed bleached paper, films and foils for food, beverage and personal care products.

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