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Updated 10 June 2010

Quad Bag or Stabilo – Bags with 4 Corner Seal. The Stabilo or Quad Bag is unique by the way that all four corners of the gusseted bag are heat sealed with the seal normally visible at the rear of the pack positioned at one of the corners. The end result is a stand-up bag with exceptional point of sales presence, maximising surface areas on both front and rear of the pack, with no visible back seal.

Quadbag – Quadbag is the trade name of a Bag-in-Box system from SCA Packaging in Sweden. The name hints that a bag fills all the way out into the corners using the box’s whole volume. The Quadbag is a self-supporting solution, which minimises the risk of the box becoming swollen. The chance of “chubby” boxes is avoided even if the corrugated cardboard packaging is made of a thinner material than usual.


QuadPAK pouch

Quadratone – A black-and-white image reproduced through the four-color process in which black is simulated by levels of grey to bring out detail and provide dimension.

Qualification – Documented evidence that all specified design and performance requirements are met (ref. ISO 11607 – 2003(E)).

Quality Control – The day-to-day operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill requirements for quality, such as intermediate and final product inspections, testing incoming materials, and calibrating instruments used to verify product quality. In photography, the viewing of colour originals under a colour corrected light source to determine if highlights, middle-tone and shadows are correct.

Quartertone – (1.) Picture tonal values produced with dot size percentages of approximately 25 percent dot area. (2.) A neutral grey area on a reproduction scale located between the highlight and the middle-tone.

Quenchers – A group of additives, mostly Organo-Nickel compounds, which stabilize irradiated organic materials by quenching excited molecules.

Quick-Setting Inks – These inks are made with a resin-solvent vehicle system. Upon contact with the paper, the coating quickly drains the solvent, yielding a film that is set, or dry, for almost immediate handling. A good gloss usually results.


QR code – quick-response code – A form of two-dimensional code that is capable of encrypting large amounts of data in a square of black and white dots. The code can hold more information than standard linear bar codes and can be read by all mobile phones with cameras and software already installed – otherwise software can be downloaded online.
The codes contain information in both horizontal and vertical directions. Data contained in the codes can be numeric, alphanumeric, binary or even Kanji (Japanese characters). It is even possible to read a damaged code in many instances. Hand-held readers or mobile phones are used to read the codes. The three position detection patterns located in the code’s corners can be read from any direction as the codes are omni-directional.
The technology was developed by Japanese automotive components manufacturer Denso-Wave in 1994 for distribution purposes, but it has since been adopted by marketers – primarily in Japan where they are even used on television adverts to allow viewers to link through to a website where they can buy the product advertised.

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