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Updated 18 Febr. 2010

Z – 1) One of the three CIE tristimulus values; the blue primary. 2) Spectral colour-matching function of the CIE standard observer used for calculating the Z tristimulus value. 3) One of the CIE chromaticity coordinates calculated as the fraction of the sum of the three tristimulus values attributable to the Z primary.

Zahn Cup – The brand name of an efflux cup used for the measurement of the viscosity of an ink by measuring the time taken for a given quantity of ink to flow through a small hole in the bottom of the cup at a given temperature. Different drain hole sizes and cup sizes are available.

Z Direction Tensile (ZDT) – the resistance to pulling apart perpendicular to the sheet – or as Scott bond – resistance along the surface. See also “Internal Bond”.

Zelsnap hinge closure

Zipper (reclosable) –

Zip top pouch – A recloseable or resealable pouch produced with a plastic track in which two plastic components interlock to provide a mechanism that allows for recloseablility in a flexible package.

Zork (wine cork) –

Zylar Ex

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